COVID-19 Tips: ADDA launches Collect-Deliveries-at-Gate for Apartment Residents’ Safety

by Vishnu

Among multiple COVID-19 Tips taken by Residential Communities as to contain the spread of CoronaVirus, one step is to collect all Deliveries at gate.

With 60%+ visitors being Delivery agents, stopping Delivery Agents from entering the community further reduces chances of infection, and increases social distancing.

Earlier in ADDA, for any Delivery notification Residents had the choice to “Approve” the Delivery Agent’s entry or “Leave at Gate”.

However, in the CoronaVirus era where this choice of specific Resident must be superseded by a Community-wide policy to leave all deliveries at gate, this new Feature is necessary.

Here is the feature “Collect-Delivery-At-Gate” to make your enforcement easy. With accountability at Gate, and convenience to Residents.

ADDA launches Collect-Delivery-At-Gate at one of the COVID-19 tips to counter Coronavirus in apartment complex
COVID-19 Tips – ADDA launches Collect-Deliveries-at-Gate for Apartment Residents’ Safety

Collect Delivery At Gate

What the Association has to Do?

  1. The Association switches this on in their Configuration for GateKeeper
COVID-19 Tips - Collect Deliveries at Gate

2. Association informs Security Team to enter Deliveries as usual in ADDA GateKeeper. There is no change, except that the Delivery Boy is not to be allowed in. Resident will come to gate, provide an OTP and collect the Delivery

That’s All!

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What Resident Sees?

Upon the Guard entering the Delivery as usual in ADDA GateKeeper, Resident receives below Notification.

COVID-19 Tips - Notification for Delivery collected at Gate
Notification for Delivery Collected at Gate

Upon clicking on the Notification, Resident sees details of the Delivery on their ADDA app

COVID-19 Tips - Parcel Details

If any Resident has not collected their Delivery, Guard can call the Resident right from their GateKeeper App to remind.

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Steps being taken by Residential Communities to fight COVID-19 - ADDA BLOG March 17, 2020 - 6:26 am

[…] has just launched the new feature “Collect-Delivery-At-Gate”. Just enable the setting in your ADDA GateKeeper configuration. Details […]

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