Roles & Responsibilities of A Society Management Committee


Resident Welfare Associations are vital to the overall upkeep of a Community’s health. Every community irrespective of its size has four major requirements – social harmony, administrative unity, financial security and environmental stability. An ideal RWA packs in all four of these elements as part of its roles and responsibilities of society management committee. The Management Committee or RWA must have the following three members along with other members in the Committee :

  1. The President/Chairman
  2. The Secretary
  3. The Treasurer

Please note, the RWA is only a registered non profit organisation under the Societies Registration Act, 1960 and does not have any legal authority to pass any form of sentences on community members. In case of serious legal violations, they must ask assistance from the local law enforcement body or the local civil/criminal court as applicable. 

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Responsibilities Of Society Management

The President/Chairman

The President/Chairman is the head of the Managing Committee or Housing Society Association. They are in charge of ensuring the overall peace of the apartment complex. 

  1. The President is the point of contact for all legalities of the Housing Society. In case the Association comes under any form of legal scrutiny, the President shall be answerable to apartment management authorities. They also have the right to sue any resident member for misconduct or confirmed illegalities. 
  2. The President is the final word on all Purchase Requests raised by the Society Management. 
  3. The President also has the authority to be the final deciding factor with respect to any agreement/ contract the Association enters with any other third party. 
  4. The President must be one of the signatories of the Housing Society bank accounts.
  5. The President is also the signatory authority on all Meeting Minutes before it is disseminated to all owners. 
  6. The President is in charge of maintaining the statuses of common facilities within the Community. 
  7. The President is also expected to act as Negotiator in all forms of disputes and grievances arising in the Community.

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The Treasurer

The Treasurer must be someone who has experience of managing big budgets and has a basic understanding of strategizing financial goals.

  1. The Treasurer is in charge of generating the regular Maintenance Invoices. They are expected to create and follow a format of breakdown of charges.
  2. The Treasurer is responsible for regular bank reconciliation of Association Accounts
  3. Overlooking the entries in the Chart of Accounts, keeping tracks of Taxes paid, keeping track of Vendor Invoices and other Tax Invoices is the Treasurer’s responsibility.
  4. The Treasurer is expected to maintain Tax schedules of the Community and organise regular Audit of the Books. 
  5. The Treasurer is also expected to keep track of defaulters. 
  6. The Treasurer must also formulate the Income, Expenses and Savings plans of the Community. They are also expected to present the Annual Budget to the Residents of the Society.

The Secretary

The Secretary ensures the Association mechanism works in an orderly fashion. 

  1. Based on inputs from the Treasurer, the Secretary is to devise and execute a Defaulter Management Strategy
  2. They are in charge of organising and coordinating all Association/ Resident meetings. They are expected to take down the Minutes of the Meeting and share it with relevant stakeholders on approval from the President/Chairman.
  3. The Secretary also is responsible for executing resignations submitted by Association Members.
  4. The Secretary is expected to stay in touch with all residents to understand their grievances and take necessary and timely resolutions. 

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Summary – Society Management

The above mentioned roles and responsibilities of society management are the basic mandatory duties. However, each society is different and has their own unique issues to deal with. Based on the problems, the responsibilities of Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers may be revised. Click here to know more about how you can implement the ADDA society management system to manage your Community efficiently.

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