ADDA RevGen : An Innovative Apartment Revenue Generation Programme

by adda

The Founders of ADDA realised way back in 2009, the importance of Financial Sustainability for apartment communities globally. Keeping that vision in mind, introducing the ADDA RevGen Engine – a remarkable one of a kind apartment revenue generation programme. 

The ADDA RevGen Engine is already in place and running.

Apartment Revenue Generation

What Is ADDA RevGen?

RevGen Engine is ADDA’s Innovation for Residential Communities, to augment their Revenue Streams.

Some traditional Communities have Shop Space as part of the property. These Shop Spaces are occupied by Beauty Parlor, SuperMarket, Health Clinic etc. While Residents benefit from these services, Association earns rent from these shops which augments the Maintenance Charges. Vendors in these Shop Spaces recognise the Sensitivities and Decorum of the Community and abide by it. 

However, most Communities do not have the luxury of these Shop Spaces to fetch continuous additional income for the Association. These Associations are completely dependent on timely payment of maintenance charges by all Owners. 

The current reality is that the running cost is on the rise for Associations – Cost of diesel, water, salaries are going up. However, owners do not wish the maintenance charges to increase. Due to the pandemic, shopping, a stress relieving experience has also been compromised now. In such a situation it becomes imperative for Associations to create new sustainable revenue sources. 

ADDA’s RevGen is built towards this purpose. It is like creating a Shop Space for EVERY COMMUNITY, albeit virtually. The RevGen engine brings Vendors who wish to present their services to the Community, paying a fee to the Association.

Our unique position and relationship with Associations and MCs allow us to get Communities connected to popular brands like Pantaloons, Max, Bata, Lifestyle, etc. 

How does this Work?

ADDA’s RevGen team conducts the entire Operation end to end.

1) We screen the right vendors, making sure they match your Community

2) We ensure the number and frequency of Activities don’t exceed the limits set by each Community.

3) We make the creatives respecting the Aesthetics of Residential Communities. Through programmes like BEN (Banner, Email and Notification), vendors also have complete online exposure to the community members. Here, we conduct the BEN in consultation with the vendors to make the members aware of the ongoing activities by the vendor.

4) We coordinate the activity completely.

5) ADDA collects the payment from the Vendor and settles to the Association.

This process happens with professional clockwork, independent of the Association’s staff. 

What Is The Benefit?

A resounding Triple Win for the Residents and the Community at large!

1) Residents Shop within their Residential premises, following Safety precautions, avoiding the crowd outside.

2) The Activity Fee paid by the Brand is settled directly into the Association Bank, with no follow-ups needed by the MC or Manager. This means Zero Administrative Cost, and Zero Hassles for the Association.

The Bonus : As an Association/MC, you are also taking care of the emotional health of your residents by providing them safe activities to indulge in and break the monotony of the week. Residents get to experience the true definition of luxury living. 

How To Get Started With This Apartment Revenue Generation?

Well technically, just talk to us. You can mail to or WhatsApp your interest to +91 78998 06862.

However, ADDA One Communities have shown to reap maximum benefits with this innovative programme for apartment revenue generation. Why so?

  1. When you are on ADDA One, your Association account is already set up with ADDA. Transferring the Activity Fee gets that much easier.
  2. It gets easier to inform residents of the Activity through Online Notices, Notifications and Banners on their ADDA App. This consolidation on a single database ensures resident data is not shared with any third party.
  3. ADDA One communities have also recorded higher preference by brands to conduct repeat activities, meaning higher revenue for the Association.

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