The Vision of Data Privacy in ADDA

Data privacy – for over half a decade this phrase has gradually but surely entered our daily parlance. As consumers we have been made aware of the significance of our private data and how corporations can misuse them for profit. Privacy of personal data is a fundamental right of every individual. As the consumer today is greatly aware of their rights, companies across the world are only happy to create products and services without sacrificing the protection of their data. Data privacy in ADDA has been part of the brand’s DNA since its inception in 2009.

The ADDA product suite constantly evolves to ensure the usage of the product by no means compromises the data of the users. This is not just preaching. The brand practices its stance on data privacy by crafting the product to be GDPR and IT Act compliant.

How Does Data Privacy In ADDA Works?

Millions of users across India, Middle East and South East Asia trust ADDA with their personal information – address, phone number, family details, vehicle details and through payment gateway, their bank details. However, with great power comes great responsibility.

Multi Level Checks
With ADDA, the Admin cannot download or retrieve Visitor & Resident data with just a tap. The Admin end is designed with multiple level confirmations to ensure the data does not fall in any wrong hands.

ADDA also ensures that no visitor data of tenants is shown to their owners to respect privacy of all users.

Phone Number Masking
Considering all of our phone numbers are these days connected to our bank accounts and other important aspects of our lives, we have to be more careful where we give our numbers. In ADDA, the product gives the choice to Admins to mask their numbers from Security Guards in the GateKeeper App. At the same time, pre-approved visitors by default have their numbers masked from the Guard.

With the recent enhancements in the GateKeeper App, guards are now no longer expected to capture the photos of Guests.

At the same time, residents too can choose to mask their email id and phone numbers from the Resident Directory.

Contact-less Visitor Entry
The latest Data privacy friendly release from ADDA, Contact-less Visitor Entry is a step forward in the direction of self service, secure gate security automation. This feature does away with the need for any visitor to speak out their personal information to guards in the presence of strangers. They can simply scan the QR code and fill up the check in form from their own cellphones. In this case, even the visitors’ phone numbers are masked from the guard. Data verification is initiated by an automated digital process.

As a rule, ADDA signs an ironclad agreement with all users to protect their data. The brand is strictly against sharing user data even within its own virtual ecosystem. Even Discover partners are given access to user data with the explicit direct permission of each user.

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