ADDA One – One App, One Database!

by adda

So what is all this talk about getting your Residential community matters onto a single comprehensive society management app?

Well, we all love to have things organised. Apart from satiating your OCD, shifting the management of your Community to a single platform has some major advantages.

10 Advantages of A Comprehensive Society Management App

comprehensive society management app
  1. All your data – owners, tenants, staff, vendors, assets, finances – is available on one single software. No need to subscribe or use multiple software, increasing the risk of mismanagement/errors.
  2. Establishing an automated end-to-end Billing & Accounting mechanism. Cuts down on manpower, saves time and money. Bonus advantage : increases collection and reduces defaulters by implementing a strong, effective maintenance payment discipline.
  3. Gate security management is easier to implement. You get higher ROI with the product since every single module of the software is at your disposal to use. The hardware integration with your gate security software gets simpler.
  4. Accounting, auditing and compliance becomes that much easier since every penny spent or earned is recorded. Requirement for the number of accountants come down. Or you can use your internal Finance Team to strategise on making your Community cash rich and cashflow positive.
  5. A comprehensive society management app, also saves you close to 40% on Asset Management.
  6. Staff Management makes it easier to optimise manpower and helps reduce administrative cost.
  7. It is easier to hand over Management Committee responsibilities when a new MC is elected. All you have to do is just hand over the User ID and Password for the new MC to take over from where you left.
  8. Keeping important records, like the book of balance, vendor payments, purchase requests is organised ensuring complete transparency and meticulous categorisation.
  9. Zero confusion for Residents. Imagine having to download 2-3 different apps for just managing their homes. With a single system residents can just download one app to get Updates from the MC, pay maintenance, get help from Building management, check their gate updates and even talk to their neighbours publicly/privately.
  10. Multiple software risks the data privacy of your Residents and Community at large. With a single software, you know exactly who should be held accountable for your Community’s data.

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