ADDA Launches COVID Vaccination Tracker


The COVID vaccination drive has started at a steady pace. However, misinformation, fake news, and rumours on the COVID-19 vaccine are making rounds on public communication platforms.

Your ADDA app now has a COVID Vaccination Tracker where you can find the names of vaccinated members in your community. Download the App to explore the feature.

COVID Vaccination

What Is The COVID Vaccination Tracker?

It is a simple feature in your ADDA App where Residents who have received their dose can mark themselves as vaccinated.

What Is The Benefit Of This Feature?

  1. Many individuals have doubts about the safety of these vaccines and worry about having bad side effects. With so many false claims going around, this apprehension is natural.

    This feature will give visibility to all Residents about which neighbours have been vaccinated. The feature is designed to encourage residents to get vaccinated when their turn comes. This also gives them the opportunity to connect with vaccinated neighbours and learn about their experience.
  2. The Management Committee/Resident Welfare Association has readily available data about the rate of acceptance of the Vaccination in their community. This will help the MC/RWAs coordinate with local government administrative bodies regarding vaccination drives and also arrange for awareness programmes if needed.

How To Go About COVID Vaccination?

  1. Reach out to vaccinated neighbours and learn about their experience with the vaccine, nearby centres that administer vaccines, where to register, etc. Do not forget to mark yourself as vaccinated in the app after you get your first dose. This will encourage more neighbours to get the vaccination. 
  2. Discuss your concerns with someone you trust. It could be your family doctor or your neighbour who recently got his/her first dosage.

With every resident getting vaccinated, your community moves another step towards safer community living!

Do not wait any longer. Go ahead and check out the new Vaccination Tracker in your ADDA App, and mark yourself as vaccinated if you have taken one or both of the doses!

Just in case you still don’t have the App, it’s never too late to Download It!

Check out how the ADDA App is now more oriented to protect your Community from COVID-19 with its host of useful COVID Management features.

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