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Diwali home service

The beloved festival of lights, joy and celebration is here! With Diwali just around the corner, communities are gearing up to celebrate this festival in full spirits this year. Many of us have already started with the customary cleaning and painting of our homes. Let us look at why cleanliness is synonymous with this festival. Keep reading for some important tips on getting your home clean, sparkly and well-lit. Stay tuned for some exciting offers lined up for Diwali home service from ADDA Discover! 

Give your Walls a Makeover with Diwali home service!

The pandemic last year made a majority of us spend time at home. Staying at home for long hours also made us focus on our surroundings and the environment. It opened our eyes to the importance of aesthetics and the effect it can have on our moods. So this Diwali, why not spruce up your walls with a colour and design to match the overall aesthetics of your home décor? 

Here are some tips to make your paint more delightful this Diwali season: 

  • Try adding some elements like florals motifs, diyas, mandalas and traditional art to your walls. Using textures and stencils are a great way to add a burst of creativity to your plain wall. 
  • If you are on a budget, try having different paint finishes. For instance, you can use high-sheen paints for high-traffic areas like living rooms and bedrooms. For low-traffic areas like ceilings, matt finish paints that are more economical. 
  • Don’t forget to get your wooden or metallic surfaces an extra shine. Get them painted or polished along with your wall. 

Diwali Offer: Discover brings you a special Offer by Asian Paints as part of our featured Diwali Home service. You can get one Nilaya wall free worth up to Rs. 12000 on taking Asian Paints Safe Painting Service! You can check out this offer in the Discover section of your ADDA App!

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

When it comes to preparations for Diwali, cleaning your entire house inside and out is a staple. But have you wondered, why do people clean their surroundings so obsessively during Diwali? After all, there lies a significance behind this. According to a popular Hindu Belief, Goddess Lakshmi, who is considered to bring wealth and prosperity resides in cleanliness. Hence, the cleaner your house is, the greater the chances of this deity showering her blessings upon your house. 

That being said, deep cleaning is quite a mammoth task! And if you’re someone waits till the last minute to start, we have some hacks to make it easier for you: 

  • Well, last-minute arrangements means you don’t have time to run down to the grocery store and get fancy chemicals to clean. So head straight to the kitchen and catch a hold of that vinegar bottle. You can mix it with warm water in a 50:50 ratio and clean up windows, mirrors, and glass shelves by using a spray bottle. 
  • One way to declutter and create space in your kitchen and bedroom shelves, drawers etc. is to throw away expired medicines, make-up and kitchen products away. 
  • Sparkling clean bathrooms should definitely be on your Diwali cleaning list. Use some baking soda on and scrub it on the wash basin as well ass your bathroom’s ceramic tiles. You will be surprised to see stubborn stains fade away with little effort. 

While you are at it, your car might need some love too. Read this blog for some tips on getting your car sparkly clean this Diwali.

Diwali Offer: In case you stay alone, burnt out from work or simply don’t have the time to clean, we have just the solution for you! On ADDA Discover, you get a special offer on for Home Deep Cleaning. Vijay Home Services gets you a free sofa shampooing upon booking deep cleaning service!

Clean Clothes, Happy Mood 

Diwali means you will be relishing a variety of festive delicacies, all decked up in your ethnic outfits. That being said, there’s also a teeny tiny fear of staining your clothes while enjoying the Diwali snacks. Not to mention the stains/dirt left by the paint job or cleaning. You surely wouldn’t want to end up having to clean these stains off of your clothes/fabrics on the festive day. For detailed tips on how to care for your delicate fabrics like brocade, chiffon, silk etc., read this!

Diwali Offer: Now, enjoy 20% OFF on Dry cleaning, Pet care and curtain cleaning this festive season. Brought you by Laundrokart, this Diwali home service is sure to take care of any last minute laundry needs. You can check out ADDA’s Discover section to avail this offer.

Bye-Bye Evil!

The festival of Diwali symbolises the victory of Good over Evil. In modern times, evil manifests in many forms. Whether it’s in our societies, our thinking or simply crept away in some corner of our homes. Yes, we are talking about the annoying pests living rent free under your roof . While you pick up that broom to clean up your home, don’t forget to get rid of the pests. 

Diwali Offer: Under Discover in your ADDA App, you will find multiple offers on Pest Cleaning. Just check out the General Pest Control services to avail this much needed Diwali Home service. 

There’s nothing like some fun DIYs for getting your home festival-ready. If you are looking for some funky, out-of-the-box and economical home renovation ideas, read this!

And that’s it! We wish you a very Happy Diwali!

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