QR Code-based Asset Management

by ADDA.io
Asset Management using QR Code in ADDA

Asset management i.e., keeping track of all active assets, AMCs, getting all assets serviced in time, etc. is often a challenging activity for the Community Management Team.

Guess what? Maintaining assets in your community just got a lot simpler with ADDA!

Keep Updated information on Assets in your Community

Now with ADDA’s Asset & Inventory module, maintain up-to-date information of all assets in one place. You can now also generate QR code for each asset which have all the details of the particular assets.

These QR codes can be printed and stuck on each asset so that any Community Management Team member can just scan and get the details of the asset whenever needed.

Managing Assets in ADDA Asset & Inventory module

Report Snags on the Go!

Community Management staff who take rounds usually notice snags related to assets that need to be worked upon such as a broken tap, perhaps a noisy lift, or a dysfunctional treadmill in the gym.

It makes things a lot easier if the issue can be reported on the go, with the option of attaching photos as a reference.

With our newest release, the staff can scan the QR code stuck to any asset, view asset details, and report the snag instantly, without any delay. Photos can also be attached for easy reference.

This way, admins can raise a ticket in the helpdesk to track more effortlessly, recording the issue and getting them solved quickly without any confusion – making the overall process extremely seamless!

Such Snag reporting on the go makes sure the assets are better maintained resulting in resident delight.

Reach out to our experts at sales@adda.io or 022 4890 5764 to learn more about this feature and overall asset management using ADDA – The Community SuperApp.

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