Registration of Co-Occupants in Dubai REST App

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Dubai Land Department Co-Occupants Registration

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) on Friday, 23rd September, notified all owners, developers, property management companies and tenants about the registration of their co-occupants in owned and leased properties. As per the Dubai Land Department directive, the registration must be completed within a “maximum of two weeks with immediate effect”.

Registering is simple and can be done online through the Dubai REST app. Once registered, details of co-occupants will automatically be updated on the tenancy contract. Registering all the people living in a home allows each resident to use an Ejari contract as proof of address.

According to information made available on the Dubai REST app, tenants and homeowners must upload the name, Emirates ID and date of birth of all co-occupants on the application. Details of all members of the family who are living on the property must be entered.

Dubai Land Department App Registration

How to Register:

  1. Open the Dubai REST mobile application and log in with the primary account holder’s username and password.
  2. If you are a new user, you will have to first register with the Dubai Land Department.
  3. Choose your role as “individual” and login with UAE Pass for quick access.
  4. Authenticate yourself via the UAE Pass mobile application.
  5. From the Dashboard, select the property where you are a tenant.
  6. Select manage co-occupants to proceed.
  7. Select “add more” to add co-occupants to the property where you are a tenant.
  8. Enter the Emirates ID number and date of birth of the co-occupant and select “verify”.
  9. Add all members of the family who are living in that property. 
  10. To remove a co-occupant, select the delete icon and submit.

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