The ADDA Promise – We Protect Your Data

ADDA Software

For You who don’t like reading long content: ADDA’s Business Model does not monetise User Data. It is a Paid SaaS – it builds great products and customers pay to use it. 

For You who is in love with the written Word: ADDA was started (as ApartmentADDA) with the purpose of solving the problems in Managing Residential Communities / Associations.

It has been 14 years of serving thousands of Associations and Developers, ADDA  stays true to this Purpose, continuously listening to User Problems, watching Market Trends and Providing Solutions. It is a Suite of 5 broad Products today (ADDA App, ADDAbooks, ADDA ERP, ADDA GateKeeper, ADDA Admin App).

The main stakeholder of any Residential Community is its Resident. The Man / Woman who identifies the community as their home.. they come back to this place at the end of their happening day.. they choose to build a family here.. this is their ultimate adda.. their safe hangout.

We at ADDA, their online Community App, feel honoured to be chosen by their Community. This creates in us a great sense of Responsibility towards the welfare and protection of these Users.

Their Personal Data (contact details and other personal data) that they store on ADDA App is treated with this sense of Responsibility.

While a company may have certifications and compliances for Data Privacy it is ultimately their Business Model that finds loopholes in policies, puts Residents Data at risk, as well as causes them great annoyance.

We have never built any Business Model that monetises this Personal Data of Residents. We will NEVER build any such Business Model. 

There are two Features of ADDA that bring 3rd Party Vendors face-to-face with Users:

  • ADDA Discover: This Section on your ADDA app lists useful @Home Services for ADDA Users. No Vendor has access to any User’s data. If a User Opts-In to use the Vendor’s service, the User may voluntarily provide their contact details to the Service Provider for the purpose of receiving the Service.
  • ADDA RevGen for Association: If an Association has chosen membership of this program, Banner Ads show on ADDA App. These Banner Ads bring sponsorship revenue to the Association, strengthening its Financial sustainability. ADDA takes special care that these do not disrupt the User Experience, and are in accordance with the Aesthetics and Sensitivities of a Residential Community. In this case as well the Vendor does not have any access to User data. If a User clicks on a Banner Ad, they are taken to the Vendor’s website. The user may choose to share their contact detail on the Vendor’s website for the purpose of receiving the Vendor’s service.

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