The Ultimate Digital Guard Patrolling Solution for Complete Site Security


It’s common for gated communities to be spread over a large area. Regular monitoring is hence required by security personnel towards maintaining a safe and secure environment in the community. Hence, most of the housing societies implement the process of patrolling so that these places are monitored regularly.

It can be incredibly challenging for community administrators to ensure that security guards are thoroughly checking every spot in the community premises. Hence there is a need for an effective Guard patrolling and monitoring system.

Let us look at how ADDA Gatekeeper’s Guard Patrolling effectively aids patrolling process.

Set up unlimited checkpoints

Using ADDA Admin portal, community managers can generate and print QR code for each checkpoint, where patrolling is required. These generated QR codes should be placed near respective checkpoints and that location has to be configured from the ADDA Gatekeeper App.

Effective QR Code Scanning on the go

Once the QR codes are generated & placed at check points, all the Security staff need to do is, just scan the QR code using the ADDA Gatekeeper app, and details associated with the QR code (like location, checkpoint’s name etc) gets recorded.

Intelligent display of patrolling information

As a community manager or MC member you can easily monitor the patrolling done by security guards from the admin portal. If a security staff has failed to patrol a specific location, the portal’s reports intelligently identify and highlight the omission.

Smart Geo-tagging system

Now the question that arises is: what happens if my security staff places the QR code in a location other than the required one and scans it from there?
With Geo-tagging technology, our intelligent Guard Patrolling solution provides community admins with visibility to detect any location mismatch by the security staff.

Map view of Patrolling process

Real time Incident Reporting

In case of any untoward incident during patrolling, the guard can log it, right from the Gatekeeper App. The security guard can attach images from the incident and also record voice notes describing the incident.
Upon reporting, Admins are alerted immediately via Admin App notification and email.
Community managers/MC members can view the details added by the security guard in portal or Admin App.

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