Risk which Management Committee members in India are running..


Dear Management Committee Members,

You have a Huge Risk..

Did you know that uploading your Owner / Tenants data on Ad platforms like MyGate/NBH can get you entangled in legal cases?

Legal Acts allow the Managing Committee to utilise the Contact Details of its Members, only for the purpose of Official Communication from the Association.

Uploading them into Ad platforms is abuse of this authority, and illegal.

With increasing Cybercrime that uses Contact Details available on the Dark Web, more Management Committees are receiving Legal Notices from Owners who are victim of such crimes.

High risk of Indian MCs using Ad-Platform-Software

These legal cases can destroy family lives and careers of Management Committee members.

Multiple Communities are now migrating their Official Communication, Financial Records to ADDA and other Paid Softwares with Zero Ads and Zero Spam.

ad platform software
Cybercrime and RWA risk

Some Communities continue their Visitor Management with Mygate or Nobroker, due to various reasons.

While doing so they safeguard themselves by making it voluntary for every Resident to download these Visitor Management apps.  

The MCs or Association does not upload a whole excel-sheet of Owners and Tenants contact details on these platforms.

This protects them against Legal Issues waiting to happen.

ADDA – Best Product, with Bester Support, and Zero Ads.
Pioneers since 2009, and the only Community Software from India which is trusted globally (India, USA, UAE, Singapore, Mauritius, etc.).


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