Streamline Resident Communication With HOA Software

by Shalem
HOA Communication Tools

In any vibrant community, communication isn’t just a necessity but it helps keep the homeowners and residents connected, informed, and engaged. It also helps in ensuring transparency of all information and processes. Proper communication in the community also ensures that every homeowner and resident is heard, and actively engaged in all the processes and decision-making that shape the community.

HOA boards and community managers usually use multiple mediums for communication, whether it’s through regular newsletters, email updates, community meetings, offline posts, or notice boards, it is a hassle and oftentimes missed by many homeowners and community residents. This is where robust HOA communication tools come into play for better management of the community.

Missed communications can result in multiple problems. Empowering your HOA and community with the right HOA software can solve such problems resulting from missed communications. Also, the software helps the HOA board and community managers work more efficiently focusing on bigger and more important projects rather than being held up by manual and repetitive mundane tasks.

While HOA software is often expected to serve many purposes and consist of multiple modules, a robust end-to-end HOA communication tool is one of the most important aspects to consider while investing in HOA management software. Below are a few aspects where resident communication would require a dynamic and comprehensive communication module to make things easier for both the HOA board and community managers to ensure timely and informed communication:

ADDA HOA Communication Tool

Community Announcements:

Notifying residents about upcoming events, local/community gathering, or modifications to the community’s rules. One official channel of communication for sending all important announcements is extremely important. Without this, residents are often left unaware of important updates related to the Community.

HOA Rules & Regulations:

Residents are often unaware about the various community guidelines. One communication channel where all such guidelines are present and also any information regarding revisions or changes pertaining to HOA policies, rules, and guidelines concerning parking restrictions, pets, noise, proper disposal of garbage, and other important information can be sent is extremely important.

Financial Affairs:

Sharing details regarding assessments, budget updates, financial reports, HOA dues, and any other fees or charges.

Maintenance and Repairs:

Notifying residents about planned upkeep, fixes, or enhancements, like common area upkeep, road repairs, modifications to the amenities, and much more.

Security and Safety:

Providing information on any changes to security protocols, community watch initiatives, emergency protocols, or community safety issues.

Intimation related to Association Meetings (AGM, GBM, etc.):

If a communication related to an Association Meeting (say a GBM), is missed by some residents, then their absence can result in wrong decisions being taken, or decisions which would get contested later! Hence a robust communication platform for communication Association meetings is extremely important.

Feedback from the Community:

Asking residents to provide the board with their opinions, ideas, feedback, or grievances if any. 

In many of these aspects, three important things are to be considered. A robust HOA communication tools to keep residents informed, a great application or portal that can be accessed by any homeowner or resident from anywhere in the world and a robust end-to-end system that keeps track of all things on both the resident and HOA board/community manager side. 

ADDA HOA Software

This is where the ADDA HOA Management Software comes into the picture, comprehensively providing solutions for all aspects of communication inside a community.

ADDA enables residents to connect and engage with neighbors through conversations, the app also has a private social network where residents can share photos, videos, and other info to the entire community. Residents can also buy/sell pre-used goods to the community through the Buzzar feature.

ADDA Community SuperApp helps community residents communicate easily with the Property Manager or HOA board and submit maintenance requests along with relevant pictures and videos for detailed inputs and track their status. Residents can submit “Architectural Review Committee(ARC)” requests, and track them right from the ADDA Community SuperApp. Your community app is also equipped with features to report violations in the community to maintain harmony among residents. 

The ADDA HOA Software powers the Property Manager and the HOA board to keep track of all maintenance requests and resolve them. Also, track all ARC requests coming in and communicating the status of the requests with the other Admins and Residents in Real Time. Setup Community Guidelines to keep the residents updated on all the rules & regulations to be followed for a harmonious community living. 

In conclusion, a HOA board should invest in robust HOA Management Software that makes their work efficient and easy. There are many modules that a HOA Management System should consist of out of which the resident communication module is a key module to consider. The resident communication module should be robust, efficient and most importantly have multiple mediums of communication to cover various aspects of resident communication.

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