Unique Community On Board: The Sustainable City, Dubai

by Nikita Bisht
The Sustainable City

Have you ever imagined a city where sustainability isn’t just a buzzword, but a way of life?

Well, there is one and you’ll be surprised by by its beauty and commitment to eco-friendly living.

The Sustainable City, Dubai – A unique community that stands as a testament to Environmental Conservation and Innovation. It’s more than just a neighbourhood-it’s a thriving ecosystem. From residential villa clusters to farms, plazas, solar car parks, schools, institutes, and sports events, the city offers a diverse range of amenities and activities that promote sustainable community living. Read More

The Sustainable City

The Sustainable City in Dubai stands out for its innovative approach to eco-friendly living. It integrates sustainability into every aspect of its design and operation, featuring solar panels, recycled water, electric vehicles, and green spaces. The Sustainable city aims to be fully self-sufficient in energy and water, while also promoting biodiversity and community engagement. It serves as a model for sustainable urban development globally.

The Encounter with The Sustainable City

Drawn by The Sustainable City’s unwavering commitment to sustainability, and a very unique business model, ADDA found an opportunity to offer its flexible software solution to address the community’s unique needs.

The Sustainable City

Identifying the Pain Points

During our initial discussions with their team, they emphasised the need for an automated workflow to manage maintenance requests and a platform capable of accommodating and overseeing all the community’s diverse facilities. Throughout the discussion, their main focus remained on these two key requirements.

The Reason – They were tired of using outdated systems like Excel. Their existing software wasn’t meeting their needs effectively, leading them to seek a more user-friendly solution. This is where ADDA came in as THE SOFTWARE they were in search of.

Helpdesk in ADDA
ADDA’s Voice Enabled Helpdesk

In the subsequent meetings, to their surprise, they realised that ADDA had much more to offer than their initial requirements. Upon exploring the various modules available in ADDA, they recognized many other modules and features that could be of use for their community.

Deploying Community Needs

Our team started off with deployment with essential modules like the Helpdesk Tracker, Announcement Manager, Facility bookings, etc. The journey has only just begun and we are looking forward to deploying many other modules that can help them in streamlined management of the community.

Facility Booking in ADDA
Event & Amenity Bookings in ADDA

As this truly Unique Community continues to pave the way towards a sustainable future, Together we are rewriting the narrative of community management.

We hope that the Owners Association Management Team and the Resident’s have a great time using ADDA.

Here’s to Another day, Another Happy Community.

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