Is Bribe a mandatory part of Khata Transfer in Bangalore?

by Vishnu

Most of us would let out a helpless sigh about bribing and khata transfer and say – Yes..
The SunCity Apartment Owners Association (SAOA), proudly and strongly says – NO!

Here is a community that refuses to choose ‘comfort over virtue’, and is showing the path to a bribe-less Khata Transfer.

ApartmentAdda has another reason to be glad about this achievement – the Khata Transfer post on this blog was written with inputs from another SunCityite – Khata Transfer what and how

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B.K.MOHANKUMAR February 18, 2011 - 11:11 am

thanks for the information, all said and done is there really officers who take action on the people who expect the bribe, But, i do not want to pay bribe, but officials and case workers may delay in the process if the they are not bribed.

any way thank you for the moral support from the rti.

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