Advance Vendor Payments or Salary Advances

by Venkat

Dear ADDA Treasurers,

We have released an enhancement to Vendor Expenses.

You can now post Advances that you give to vendors so they can procure material to begin work or an Advance as Salary to your Office Staff.

Later when the vendor presents the invoice or you prepare the Salary for the next month, you can allot this Advance Payment to the open invoices.

When you pull up the Vendor’s Account Statement from Expense Tracker, you now have a new Tab called “Advance Payments”. Here you can post the Advance Payments, Do the allotments etc.

All the relevant entries get passed so any time you can go to Trial Balance > Assets > Advance Payment to Vendors – and you can get a snapshot of the Advances you have given to the vendors.

Piece of Cake.

ADDA Support Team







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