How can Apartment Buildings help during Floods

by adda


During Natural Disasters like the current Kerala Floods, Communities can pool in resources to help affected families fight the disaster.

Apartment Buildings being some of the tallest structures in the neighbourhood are well poised to work as relief Centres during floods.

During the Chennai Floods, DLF Garden City which is one of the largest apartment community in Chennai had organised relief measures

Managing Committees / Residents of Apartment Buildings can do the below during Floods:

1) Arrange accommodation of the residents of ground floor flats in higher floors.

2) Arrange accommodation of impacted residents outside the apartment community in higher floors of the building or clubhouse

3) Arrange Community Kitchen that can cook food packets for impacted families.

4) Coordinate with relief workers to see if Helicopter landing can be arranged on the terrace as most Apartment Buildings have large terraces for dropping relief.

5) Typically Navy personnel provide Boats to Apartment buildings who are working towards relief work. The boats can be used for relief material to be distributed to families in the neighborhood.

To coordinate efforts and resources from Residents, you would need to quickly communicate to all of them.

If power and internet are still available, you could coordinate communication with Residents using SMS Broadcast on ADDA.

ADDA provides complimentary top up of your SMS pool during Natural Disaster.

Let us utilise our HighRises to help neighbours Rise High from Natural Disasters.

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