ADDA GateKeeper does not allow Photo of Guest during Visitor Entry

by Vishnu

If you are adding a Pre-Authorised Visitor on your ADDA app as a Guest, rest assured they will not be hassled at the Gate during the visitor entry process.

At least not due to ADDA GateKeeper!

Many of us have tussled with the Guard when they take click our Pictures at the apartment’s visitor entry gate, while we have just come to visit a Friend or Relative who has already pre-authorized us and we have an OTP!

A pre-authorized guest was evaluated in the apartment's visitor entry gate and taking the picture of the guest was mandatory. It's no more with ADDA GateKeeper

Here’s THE END to that uncomfortable experience.

Just enable this feature in your ADDA GateKeeper Setup. There will be no Camera Option for the Security Guard when the Visitor is a pre-authorized Guest.

With ADDA GateKeeper, get the option to disallow photo from security guard during guest or visitor entry
With ADDA GateKeeper, camera option can be disabled during pre-authorized visitor entry

Did you know, you can further safeguard the privacy of Guests by not allowing capture of their Phone number as well! Check out this feature release of ADDA GateKeeper: Preserve Privacy of Guests – Phone Numbers not mandatory!

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