ADDA For Senior Citizens


When you are 20/30 something, it’s easy to adapt to everything life throws at you. But not all are privileged. One such group are our 60+ community members. The pandemic has ushered in a New Normal. Senior citizens had to adapt and learn a lot of things in these past few months. As a company that works with the residential communities, ADDA is for senior citizens as much as it is for its younger user base. Before we move on to the How, here’s a short video clip of our chat with few of senior citizens.

Product Features For Senior Citizens

Private Communication Platform : With the pandemic limiting movement of senior citizens, they are now more dependent on their community than ever before. It can be for essential services, repair services or simply for socialisation. ADDA gives you that platform to communicate with the entire community for anything you need.

Panic Alert : You may need help anytime and it’s not possible to make a phone calls at all times. The red Help button on the top right corner of the home screen of your ADDA App, can instantly alert security guards, family members/friends, neighbours. This feature was specifically devised to ensure inclusiveness and make ADDA for senior citizens too.

Emergency Numbers : Your ADDA App comes with a list of emergency phone numbers that specifically serve your community. These are not generic helpline numbers. Your MC populates this list. This list can have numbers of the following :

  • Local hospitals/fever clinics/pharmacies
  • Local police station
  • Local ambulance service
  • Local fire station
  • Gas delivery agent

And whatever else you consider an emergency contact.

Services For Elderly Citizens

Keeping in line with our objective of inclusiveness, ADDA Discover hosts a range of services for Senior Citizens. Here are a few highlights :

Elder Care Service Bouquet : Assisted travel, nursing attendants, health services, physiotherapy – you name it and its in here.

Lab Tests At Home : Stay at home, stay safe and get all your routine tests done.

Groceries/Medicines : Customised order of any food or medical need is home delivered.

Apart from these, there’s pick & drop laundry services, home sanitisation services, document services that all help senior citizens with anything they need regularly.

Contact us to learn more about how ADDA can help senior citizens to have a smooth living experience in your community.

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