New Launch – Home Quarantine Tracker

by Vishnu

It is established that the most impactful way of containing Spread of Covid-19 is to strictly follow Home Quarantine.

Different Cities/Communities have different Criteria, as well as Rules for following Quarantine.

While each Community publishes Guidelines for Quarantine, here is a Quick-n-Easy feature released in your ADDA app to track the Quarantined.

Home Quarantine Tracker - Banner

Home Quarantine Tracker

Purpose of Home Quarantine Tracker

  1. Bring clarity to the Association on which are the Homes on Quarantine, what is their Quarantine End date. This helps the Association plan for services to the Quarantined Flats such as Door Delivery, Sanitisation etc.
  2. Bring Empathy from other Residents where they “Send Goodwill wishes” and could even offer help to the Quarantined Units.
  3. Encourage Residents to self-declare their Homes which are on Quarantine.

How to add Units to Home Quarantine Tracker

By The Resident themselves:

Go to ADDA App. Click on the Top Banner of “Home Quarantine Tracker”. Click on “Add your Unit on Quarantine”

By The Admin :

Go to > Admin View > Units & Users > Quarantine Tracker

What happens at the end of Quarantine Period

The Unit stops showing under the Quarantine Tracker.

List of all Units that have been on Quarantine is available as report on the Admin View.

Quarantine is a lonely affair. One can’t go out for essentials or take part in the minimum socialisation that Covid-19 has compelled us to be happy with. The community has a large responsibility to make its quarantined units not feel isolated. Apart from taking care of their essential needs, keeping an eye on mental health is also necessary.

ADDA helps you to show your quarantined neighbours that they are in your thoughts. This little gesture can go a long way to boost positivity and keep up the morale of the community.

– Love from Team ADDA to all Units on Quarantine now and in future!

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