The Need For Hardware Integration For Gate Security


As apartment living becomes common with each passing day, housing society security has become a recurring topic of discussion among management committee members. An all round effective security system is the one that combines the best of hardware and software technology. COVID times or Normal, gate security has always been a leading priority in the list of duties of all Management Committees irrespective of the size of the apartment. In this blog, we have tried to bring together all the gate security hardware integration possible to ensure a safe community.

Boom Barriers Or Bollard Systems

Boom Barriers have started becoming a familiar sight in recent times. These are wonderful hardware systems designed to control vehicular access to the Community. The mechanism is simple. A horizontal long barrier is raised or lowered to grant exit/entry. Another interesting vehicular barrier is the Bollard System. They can either be Manual or Semi-automated, and can even be found with Hydraulic Retractability. 

Both these systems can be integrated with the Visitor Management System in use in the Gated Community. Two ways :

  1. Integrate with the help of RFID tags on the windshield of vehicles of residents.
  2. Installation of ANPR systems.
Gate Security hardware Integration

The ANPR system is more suited for Boom Barriers. The RFID tags work for both. The Management Committee keeps a record of all resident tags/numbers. Based on the system used, the number plate is read and the entry is automatically made in your chosen visitor management system. This gate security hardware integration also helps to ensure no non-registered vehicle can pass through due to human error. The barriers will simply refuse to allow entry till they are manually deactivated.

Pocket Pinch for Hardware :

Boom Barrier : Approx. 87500 INR/unit
Spiked Boom Barrier : Approx 82950 INR/unit
Bollards : Approx. 4.32 lakhs INR/unit

Walkthrough Metal Detector

In this unpredictable world, you can never really be safe enough. This particular security hardware is especially helpful for residential complexes that share its premises with a commercial complex. The amount of visitors in such mixed premises is higher than the per day average. Assuming the commercial and residential complex both share the same gates for entry/exit, a walkthrough metal detector can deter a lot of untoward incidents from taking place. With these detectors, the possible gate security hardware integration is to connect it with your visitor management system’s Incident Reporting. Suspicious signalling in the detector can be easily recorded in the VMS cloud for future reference, if necessary. 

Pocket Pinch : Approx. 1.89 lakhs INR/unit

Biometric/RFID Attendance Recorder

This is practically a foolproof method to record attendance of all Community staff, including private household staff. A simple integration with the security management system in use, this immediately alerts the units when their staff has checked in or checked out of the community. 

Pocket Pinch : Approx. 8400 INR/unit

Apart from these three basic and commonly integrated gate security hardware systems, your gate security can also be enhanced with CCTV Cameras (though in this case, integration is seldom advised due to huge data volume), video analytics, hydraulic tyre spikes, intercom systems. 

Curious to know more about your gate security hardware integration with your visitor management system? Do feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help!

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