A Guide to Automated Vehicle Entry(RFID, ANPR) at your Apartments Gate

by Vishnu

Are you looking to Automate the Vehicle Entry using RFID, ANPR etc at your Gated Community / Apartments Gate?

Are you looking for this system to work seamlessly with your Visitor Management System?


Below are the frequently asked needs of Gated Communities

1. When a Resident’s Vehicle comes near the Boom Barrier, the Barrier should automatically open.

2. The Vehicle entry should automatically get logged, Resident should get update on his ADDA app that his Vehicle just entered the complex.

3. The Building Administration / Association should be able to remotely add a new Owner / Tenant’s Vehicle to this system. Or remotely deactivate an outgoing Owner / Tenant’s vehicle from this System.

4. Visitor Vehicle should be stopped and the Visitor will be mandated to make entry in the VMS.

5. Any impostor should not be able to get in easily through this Automatic System

6. The Accuracy of the Automatic System in identifying the Resident’s vehicle should be high so that the Guard can be eliminated from the task of opening or closing the boom barrier.


PS: All these Solutions are Integrated with ADDA – Your Apartment Super App.

The RFID Vehicle Tag + Long Range RFID Reader

For the Vehicle An RFID Tag (similar to Fastag) is provided by the Association / Society which is fixed on the Vehicle Windscreen. (If you are ADDA User, you can order this RFID tag right from your ADDA app. No hassles to meet the building manager or fill forms!)

At the Barrier Long range RFID Reader is set up on a poll, with sufficient clearance for foolproof reading.

RFID Reader for Automated Apartments Gate
Long Range RFID Reader for Automated Vehicle Entry at Apartments Gate

When the Vehicle is in range, the RFID reader reads the RFID tag on the Vehicle Windscreen, and relays the information to Processing Unit/Controller.

The Processing Unit checks the list of verified tags.

Upon finding the particular RFID number on this authorised list, Controller sends information to the Motor of the Barrier to open the Barrier.

Processing Unit also registers time log of the particular vehicle entry.

PS: When you use ADDA integration, the authorised Residents list in the PU is kept updated from the ADDA server. Also a notification is received on ADDA app upon vehicle entry.


1. Lighting at the gate is not an issue since the system works with RF waves

2. Accuracy is greater due to standardised Tag

3. Hard for impostors to break through the system


1. Maintaining inventory of RF tags and logistics of distribution to each vehicle

2. Cannot read visitor vehicles for logging purpose.

Automatic Number Plate Reader (ANPR)

For the Vehicle

No tag etc required.

At the barrier

Camera with capture capability at 20-25kmph, Processing Unit (PU) with Artificial Intelligence / Computer Vision capability , Controller.

When the Vehicle is in range, camera reads the number plate, the image is sent to the PU.

The PU converts the image to text and checks the pre-stored list of authorised number plates of residents.

Upon finding the match the Controller opens the boom barrier, timelog of the vehicle entry is recorded.

ANPR Automated Number Plate Reader for Apartments Gate
How ANPR Works. Pic courtesy Parkit

PS: If you are an ADDA User the list of number plates is kept up to date by the ADDA server.  Notification is received on App upon vehicle entry. 


1. No logistics on part of Administration, other than keeping list of number plates up to date.

2. Can read Visitor Vehicles and maintain log.


1. Accuracy of reading is dependent on standardisation of number plates. This varies by country.

2. For impostors wanting to gain entry, faking a number plate is possible. However, advanced AI that also matches color/make/form of the vehicle can stop such entries.

You can choose the right Gate Automation technology for your Gated Community depending on your Security and Vehicle logging requirements.

How Does ADDA integrate with your Apartments Automated Gate with ANPR/RFID

Each ADDA User has access to their Vehicle Data. They can update all details right from their ADDA App.

This information gets automatically sync’d with the Processing Unit integrated with ANPR / RFID / BLE Technology.

My Unit view of ADDA – Your Apartment Super App

Are you already evaluating or have installed any of these technologies. Please do share your experience, we would love to publish your CaseStudy for the benefit of other Apartment/Gated Communities!


RFID vs ANPR - for your Apartments Gate

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