How Do You Get Started For Free on ADDA?

by adda

On your approval, we can get you started for Free on ADDA premium packages. The trial period is offered for a month. It activates the following for your Community :

1. Update list of all Owners & Tenants.

2. Activate Accounting Module

3. Activate Payment Gateway for Maintenance Collection

4. Activation of Facility Management Module

5. Activation of Gate Security

6. Asset Management

7. Inventory Tracker

What is the Benefit of Getting Started For Free?

  1. You get a complete first hand user experience of the app using the data of your own society.
  2. You get complete Product Support throughout your trial period to help you make the most of the Product.
  3. You also get to understand the frequency of product enhancements.
  4. Get an Early Start at Product Training. This especially helps to avoid any hiccups once you enter the Subscription Phase. 

We are honoured to be chosen as the Society Management Software by some of the landmark properties like Purva Amaiti in Coimbatore, Ozone Greens in Chennai, Mahindra Happinest in Mumbai, Orris Carnation in Delhi, Rameshwara Waterview in Kolkata, SNN Greenbay in Bangalore, Forest County & Rohan Abhilasha in Pune. 

Call us at 022 4890 5764 or click here to get started for FREE.

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