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Electricity transfer in apartments

Whether you have just purchased a brand-new house from a builder or a seller, one of the formalities you are required to do is the transfer of electricity connection to your name. Electricity transfer in apartments is a basic step in apartment management and it is important to prove the right of ownership over your property. It must be carried out during sale of property, transfer of ownership, transfer to legal heir in case the property owner dies or any other reason. Think of this blog as a comprehensive guide that you can refer to when you want to transfer the electric meter to your name.

Electricity transfer in apartments

What will I need for Electricity transfer in apartments?

As you are aware, this is an official government procedure and any matter that must be dealt with the state requires documentation and paperwork. It is best to keep these papers and documents ready before you head over to the electricity board office for the process. We have separately listed down the documents you will need for Electricity transfer in apartments in the cities of Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai. The documents which are commonly required in all three cities are:

  • Copies of ID proof (PAN/Aadhaar/DL etc). You may have to produce originals at request.
  • A copy of Sale Deed of your house.
  • A letter issued from Society on their letterhead or the Society Share certificate (if issued) declaring that you are indeed the current owner of the house. This may not be a necessary step, but it is best to have this ready.
  • No objection certificate (NOC).
  • Attested copies of address and ID proof.

However, when it comes Electricity transfer in apartments, some documents are specific to each of the cities mentioned above. They are as follows:


  • Form A1 from the MSEDCL website, with the first page filled out.
  • Fille out Form for Undertaking of Change of Name, from the MSEDCL website.
  • NOC in the form of Form U from the current meter holder citing no objection at proposed name change.
  • Stamp paper declaring undertaking from New Consumer for the purpose of indemnifying MESCDL.

This blog will take you through the process of electricity transfer in Mumbai.


  • Form 1-4 from Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Ltd must be printed and filled out before submitting it to the authorities.
  • On the sale deed, the current owner of the electric meter or the person who is presented as “vendor” must provide you with a NOC which should be submitted via Form 2.
  • Noting the electricity Meter’s Number is a good practice. Its best to have a photo of the meter in your phone where the serial no. and unit reading are clearly visible.
  • The indemnity bond and power agreement should also be taken along with the application. This would cost INR 200/- each for indemnity bond and power agreement and an additional INR 50/- for processing.

Refer to this blog to know about the process of electricity transfer in Bengaluru.


  • Copy and original of the payment receipt of last electricity bill.
  • Copy of last tax receipt.
  • Copy of cards issued by electricity board.
  • An indemnity bond on stamp paper costing INR 80/-

Want to know about the procedure of electricity transfer in Chennai? Click here.  

During Electricity transfer in apartments, the seller must ensure that there aren’t any dues to the electricity department and the buyer should be provided this in the form of proof for registration. The seller should also provide the password of the online login for online bill payment. It is the buyer’s responsibility to change the login details once he is provided with the same.

Electricity transfer in apartments

What could go wrong during Electricity transfer in apartments?


Now, you might think, why go all the way to the electricity board office with the documents to carry out the procedure when you can just get the job done by bribing some officials. There might be a chance that “brokers” or “agents” lingering outside the electricity office maybe ready to jump at the slightest opportunity. They may offer to get it done for you by charging you way more, for the same procedure. But we are law-abiding citizens. No matter how easy or convenient this method might be, bribing is a crime which contributes to corruption. Therefore, it’s best to steer clear of such illegal practices.


When you are carrying out an official procedure like this one, you might face some delays for a variety of reasons. You may experience some delays in the processing of your application by the electricity board office. This can happen if there is increasing workload due to smaller number of employees or inefficient administration.

Discrepancy in ID proof details

Sometimes, you might find that there are certain errors in your ID proof details. For example, a lot of Voter and Aadhar Cards come with errors and people often miss out on getting them corrected. This would cause problems with verification of your proof of residence.

We recommend you keep all these documents ready so that the procedure does not end up getting delayed in any way from your end. Now that you have all the information, why not share it with your friends and family? After all, we never know who might be in need of such guides. For any other information related to apartment management, click here.

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