Apartment elevator usage guidelines

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Apartment elevator usage guidelines

Whoever thought of the concept of elevators was a genius. Modern life in tall buildings with endless floors would have been time-consuming and tiring without elevators. That is, unless you are a health conscious person who avoids them on purpose to take the stairs. With something that has become an integral part of our daily lives, you might think – why do we need Apartment elevator usage guidelines? Well, the estimated life of an elevator is 15 years, which is a long time. Any machine will go through regular wear and tear during these years and shall require proper usage to actually make it last long. Also, negligence of these guidelines can often lead to accidents. 

In this blog, we give you a pointwise guide on the usage and maintenance of this staple transportation machine in our lives. 

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Apartment elevator usage guidelines – General Safety and Precaution

  • If there is an overload limit written inside the elevator, it’s best to stick to the limit. An overload beyond the given weight limit may cause the elevator to malfunction or breakdown causing it to stop mid-travel. Also, don’t step in or out of the elevators until they have stopped completely. 
  • It’s a nice gesture when someone holds the elevator open for you while you’re in a hurry. But this is a harmful practice. Elevator doors contain photoelectric sensors that sense when a person/object is entering in but aren’t always reliable. In some cases, the sensors may be located at the centre of the doors, so stopping the doors using your leg can lead to accidents. 
  • Apartment elevator usage guidelines always ask you to prevent children from playing near elevator lobbies or elevators. Kids are more prone to accidents. Instead, educate them on proper usage of the lifts. 

Apartment elevator usage guidelines – What NOT to do

Here are some things you must definitely not do when there is a power failure while you are inside an elevator:

  • It’s a natural instinct to panic. However, try not to panic as this situation requires you to stay cool. There is enough air inside the elevator and the shaft to last for sometime after stoppage. 
  • As far as possible, avoid helping people trapped inside an elevator by yourself. Such a situation might require professional help. Helping them yourself might cause them more damage. 
  • Do not exit the elevator without checking if the elevator is at level with the floor once the doors open. 

This comprehensive blog on Apartment elevator maintenance will tell you everything you need to know about repairs and maintenance of lifts. 

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What are the reasons you can be banned from using an elevator?

While it is extremely rare that any resident is banned from using an elevator, it is not a complete myth. When it comes to Apartment elevator usage guidelines, here are some common and peculiar reasons for getting banned from using the elevator: 

  • Any sort of objectionable behaviour that is not appropriate in a public space can get you banned from using the elevators. 
  • If you use the elevators for carrying any sort of heavy, bulky items like boxes, cargo etc that exceed the weight limit, then the management committee can debar you from using the elevator. An alternative to carrying heavy duty stuff are usage of service elevators for this purpose. 
  • It is so common to find people who dirty/litter their spaces and surroundings. Elevators are not an option. If you are constantly found dirtying or littering the elevators, you can be stopped from using the elevators. 
  • If you vandalize the machinery inside the elevator or purposefully cause any harm to the elevator parts, you may get banned from using the elevator. It’s completely against Apartment elevator usage guidelines.
  • And finally, it goes without saying that if you cause any kind of annoyance or nuisance to the people in the elevator, you will be disallowed to use the elevator. For instance, smoking is not allowed inside elevators and if found doing so, you won’t be allowed to use the elevator. 

Please note: No laws can be crafted disallowing pets from using the elevator. One can’t discriminate between pet owners and pets for elevator usage. Read this article to find more such rules and regulations on elevators in India. 

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Some lift stories to lift your mood

We spoke to a few employees from ADDA to find out if they have experienced any funny or weird incidents with regards to elevator usage guidelines. Some of the anecdotes that came to us definitely tickled our funny bones and we hope they will make you laugh too: 

  • “I find it funny though that people coming from the gym after working out and everything, take a lift to go up 1 floor…”
  • “In our apartment, visitors who wish to stay overnight in a resident’s house need to pay a fee. I wanted to bring a special friend home without having to pay the visitor fee. So we used the service elevator instead and sneaked the friend in. However, little did we know that even the service elevator had a CCTV camera installed inside. We were obviously caught by having the lift stopped at the first floor and then we had no choice but to pay the fine. I look back fondly at this memory now.” 
  • “As kids, a couple of us in the apartment would wait for someone to get in the elevator and as soon as they were about to press the floor button, we would run in, press all the buttons and come out running. This mischievous behaviour landed us in trouble and we were sternly warned by our parents and the Management Committee which made us stop. As a kid I found it hilarious. Now, as a fully grown adult I sympathize with those people. I think I would scold any kid who would repeat this behaviour. Tit for Tat, I guess”
  • “It’s so cute when people have to go on higher floors but get out of the lift in a hurry thinking it’s their floor. Then they realise it’s the wrong floor and they act all wonky and confused and head back inside the elevator embarrassingly.” 
  • “It’s absolutely annoying when you call for an elevator that’s on the top floor but then as it comes down, more and more people start joining in. This happens especially when you’re in a hurry. It’s like life is trying to play a joke on you by testing your impatience.” 

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And that’s all folks! Maybe you were familiar with a number of these Apartment elevator usage guidelines, and maybe you were not. But as an emerging pioneer in the field of apartment management, we believe it is our duty to make your life in a gated community as hassle free as possible. If you want to know more about elevators, contact us. You can raise maintenance requests for Elevator servicing using the ADDA app

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