ADDA Launches Payment Gateway in Mauritius!

A sign of any good community management app is its adaptability to different kinds of environments. Whether it’s regional, geographical, political or cultural, a software’s ability to soak in and adjust to any kind of environment is indicative of its versatility. 

ADDA’s presence in the island nation of Mauritius has showcased the product’s ability to adapt to the regional ecosystem, by quickly partnering with local Payment Gateway aggregators MIPS, a leader in the digital payments space in Mauritius. This has made it easy for Gated Community Residents to pay their SYNDIC Fees/ Service Charges/ Service Fees. 

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What is ADDA Payment Gateway Integration? 

ADDA users in Mauritius now get to make Community-related payments anytime, anywhere right from their ADDA App.

Now, owners from any country can view and make Community payments via ADDA – the community management app. Owners can also pay via multiple payment methods like credit Card/Debit card. 

ADDA Payment Gateway is a practical, hassle free and easy way of due payments. 

How does ADDA Payment Gateway benefit you?

  • You can view instant receipts after every payment which is auto-generated. This means, no more waiting for receipts. 
  • Online Payment Gateways ensure that there is no scope for errors. This beats traditional methods of payment which always has room for errors. 
  • With more payment options, you need not worry about sticking to a single form of payment in case something goes wrong. 
  • Users can view the full history of all transactions made through Payment Gateways. There is practically zero effort for SYNDICS as they don’t have to manually collect and deposit cheques or distribute invoices and receipts manually. 

Click here to read about how you can use Payment Gateway.

No matter which corner of the world ADDA goes to, we make sure the community management app adjusts and adapts to every kind of culture and environment.

Ultimately, we want to make the lives of community members easier worldwide. The Payment Gateway integration in Mauritius stands as an example that reflects the same.

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