Managing the Data of Your Community’s Tenants in ADDA

by adda

Did you know that in a standard gated community, close to 40% of the resident population comprises of tenants? In a scenario where tenancy is increasing with a constantly moving workforce population, the Society Management must ensure the tenant’s data is added to the resident database and is up to date.

Majority of the communities ensure that their tenants are added to their resident database in order to keep the communication between owners and tenants alike. This has undoubtedly aided the management in keeping their entire community informed about crisis circumstances before and even today during COVID-19.

Following are some of the benefits of having all of the resident’s data in one place:

  • One Database.
  • Important communication reaches everyone
  • Complete transparency and automation
  • Harmony in the community

However, a few communities have not included their tenants’ information in their resident database due to certain restrictions in place for tenants.

If you haven’t added your tenant’s information to your resident’s database because you’re afraid ADDA won’t be able to handle the restrictions, we have some good news for you.

ADDA does provide Admins the ability to limit certain functionality to tenants.

If the coronavirus situation has taught us anything, it is the importance of having a well-functioning communication system in place. Social distancing, isolation, and lockdowns have demonstrated the strength of residential communities in combating any type of crisis.

Therefore, it is the the need of the hour for the Management to add all of your Tenants’ data to your resident database.

Please contact us if you need assistance adding the Tenant data to your ADDA with the necessary Tenant restrictions in place. We are always delighted to assist you!

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