Good Karma Board for Residential Communities

by adda

“A Neighbour in need is a Neighbour indeed.”

ADDA has been the official platform for many Residential Communities on which residents rely on to get the correction information and necessary help from fellow neighbours in situations like these. Infact, the Community Module has been an aid to it.

We are always inspired by how Residential Communities have come together to help each other and offer support during these uncertain times of COVID-19. The heartwarming stories of Rise High Awards 2020, are a testimony to the same.

Our newly launched Good Karma Board – A repository of Help offered by your fellow Neighbours is a cherry on top. Neighbours in need of help can contact the person offering help via the Board. Whether you need someone to drop off groceries / medicines for you or looking for some Home Cooked Food to fulfill your nutrients intake in your Residential Community, Good Karma Board is your one place to go to. 

Residential Communities

How can this feature serve Residential Communities?

Here are five instances where the Good Karma Board can jump to your rescue:

  • If you are someone who is all alone in quarantine for quite some time and you need someone to rely on and get your necessities dropped off at your place, then Good Karma Board can help you out here!
  • For those community members with elderly parents living in a flat all alone and need someone who can look after them, this feature is a blessing.
  • How can we ignore the needs of our pet pals while being quarantined? You can find someone to look after your pets while being quarantined from the Board.
  • The Good Karma Board comes to your rescue when you are searching for medicines but unable to get them due to the restriction of movement or scarcity. You can just drop off a request in the Board for the same and your kind neighbours will get them for you.
  • Let’s be honest. Home cooked foods are important for good health, especially when you are sick and unable to cook food for you or your family. Enter, the Good Karma Board! You can even find someone to provide your home cooked meals.

You name it, and someone in your community will be able to help your with your essentials. A bit of neighbourly kindness in situations like these could lift the spirits of people, pushing Residential Communities to Rise Higher!

Download the App now and get the assistance you need!

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