A Sustainable Response to COVID-19 : The Rise High Awards Lookback Collection


Hum honge kaamyaab ek din” (Translation: We shall overcome some day). This nostalgic line of the well-known poem rouses so many memories from school. But today, we are going to dedicate it to our devoted COVID warriors and their unwavering faith and service towards their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Communities Featured : My Home Jewel, Sai Radha Green Valley, Platinum Lifestyle, Vatsalya Vihar

This pandemic made us realise how privileged some of us are. Lockdown imposed; we were all compelled to carry on with our activities from home. When at home, we witnessed the harsh states of migrant labourers, daily wage workers etc. This included our community housekeeping and security staff. These communities broke all barriers of what society dictates as social boundaries. People from different backgrounds, classes, genders, and ages came together to lend a supporting hand to the underprivileged communities. Donating food and groceries, providing special incentives and upliftment, they made sure no one was left behind.

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Communities Featured : Stargaze, Sobha Nagasandra, Manyata Residency, Purva Swanlake

Communities such as these wowed us with their stubborn dedication to keep contributing their services for the well being of their community. The pandemic wasn’t the only distress they faced. They found themselves standing against so many challenges. Whether it was lack of funds, experiencing waves of panic and anxiety due to the fear of contacting the virus, testing positive and being hospitalized or even staying firm by some decisions for the greater good of the society. Nothing and no one seemed to break their fiery spirit and their vow of serving the community. Come what may, the determination to get their community out of this period just gave us another glimpse of what real heroism looks like.

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Communities Featured : Foundations Silver Springs, ETA Star – The Gardens, Malti Luxuria City, Mahaveer Varna

Behind like-minded individuals stands a supportive team and behind supportive teams stands a leader who gets everyone on the same page. These communities were lucky to have management committees and teams that worked so effortlessly to execute their COVID action plans. It was because of their quick solution finding abilities that they were able to reach out to those in need. Tricky situations and challenges like technical difficulties, shortages of resources and medical equipment and protests from residents against the strict lockdown restrictions were handled with an excellent presence of mind which was followed by swift action to resolve these issues. Kudos to such teams who never passed the buck onto another team member and took full responsibility for their duties!

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Communities Featured : Sobha Forest View, Pearl Celestial, Classic Sapphire, Sobha Amethyst

A shoulder lent here, a tear wiped there – Being a hero is not always about standing strong and being brave. Sometimes, heroes let their guards down and become what their community needs them to be during tough times – vulnerable and sensitive. These communities lost a few lives to the COVID-19 virus. The atmosphere was grim, and the morale of residents was naturally not at it’s peak. At this time, not only did our heroes manage to mix a layer of reassurance in the air, but they also touched the hearts of everyone by spreading kindness around. The level of detail and thoughtfulness by which communities like Sobha Forest View approached the pandemic, is worthy of a grand salute. Every act of kindness, no matter how big or small went to great lengths to brighten up the lives of these residents during the crisis!

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Communities Featured : Azven Breathe, Whispering Palms Xxclusive, Raheja Woods – Skylark, SJR Equinox

Day or night, morning or evening – nothing seemed to stop the path of these communities who did not bother to look at the hands of the clock while they were serving their community during the pandemic. They left no stone unturned to ensure their residents felt most comfortable and safe in the crisis. Initiatives like The Roti Project by Whispering Palms Xxclusives, Mumbai just goes to show that every ounce of a noble cause can enrich someone’s life to a great extent. We even came across Mr. Basanna and Mr. Lohit who did not forget to save and care for two cats trapped in an empty flat in SJR Equinox. Timely communication and being available for your community 24*7, that is more than we can ask for while getting through a crisis like this one!

Rise High Lookback Collection

Communities Featured : Pramuk Aqua Heights, Praneeth Pranav Homes, Raghavendra’s Panchajanya, Provident Harmony

While many of us were reunited with our families due to the pandemic, some of us didn’t have that privilege. Few members of the security and housekeeping staff in these communities had to stay in the society premises because travelling posed to be a huge risk. Still, they did not let this affect how they carried out their responsibilities. With joyful smiles and positive attitudes, they performed their duties without expecting anything in return. Despite their concerns about their health, they did not hesitate when it came to caring for their residents. The communities rightly appreciated their services by offering them rewards and concessions. We feel, they deserve all the spotlight!

And there you have it, folks! It has been a truly inspiring time getting to know these stories and bringing them to the forefront. More stories about our COVID heroes and community spirit await. Until then, Rise High!

Rise High Awards Edition Five

Communities Featured: Ittina Anai, Ashok Gardens CHS Ltd., Goodwill Paradise, Vasant Oasis Petunia Bluebell, Kochar Panchsheel

These communities showed us that no matter what – The show must go on. One after the other, the pandemic threw unforeseen challenges at them. Not only did they face them but they also carried on with their community essentials almost effortlessly. From distributing food, money and resources to the needy, taking up excellent environmentally conscious initiatives, nurturing the lives of those affected by the virus and collaborating with other communities for COVID Management efforts, they did it all! No wonder these heroic communities moved on zealously. With this kind of zeal and enthusiasm in a pandemic, community life will be nothing short of a pillar of strength.

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