ADDA is now available in French!


Yes! you read right. Your beloved ADDA App is now available in French!

Here is how you can change the language setting inside the App (this setting is only enabled for select geographies as of now)

  1. Tap on More in your ADDA App
  2. Tap on settings
  3. Click on Language Settings
  4. Choose French (Francais)

Here is a pictorial representation of the same steps:

You can now view the whole app in French!


While on the mission to connect more neighbours and neighbourhoods globally, it was imperative to build in multi-lingual capabilities inside the App.

We started working on this project in the later part of the year 2021, building the platform which can change the language of the App on the go! Based on feedback from our Global users, the first language which we chose to get enabled via this Multi-Language enablement platform was French.

We now have the capability to potentially launch in any language as long as the language is written left to right.

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