Good Karma Board, You Did Good.

by Simone
Good Karma Board farewell illustration

When the COVID-19 virus kicked in, taking the world to a standstill; many residents living in communities were not able to get their basic necessities. Later as the pandemic spread, many families were affected and had to be hospitalized, or be in home quarantine.

In those pressing times, community residents started coming together to help each other. Truly, “neighbor in need is a neighbor indeed,”

ADDA built the Good Karma Board at that time to connect the residents who could provide this help, with those who needed it.

We were humbled to see our small contribution being used by thousands of community residents! Community residents came forward to offer help with home-cooked food, deliveries, pet boarding, providing medical supplies, and more, to other residents in need.

This is such a great feature! Why are we taking it down?

Good Karma Board came to be of great help to several people during Covid. But as COVID restrictions loosened up, we have observed a decline in its usage. Since people can just have a conversation about such things now, it is not essential anymore.

As the days of such hardships and uncertainty are past us, it is now time to say goodbye to the Good Karma board which had its unique positioning during COVID-19.

Don’t be sad just yet! Our revamped Buzzar feature, the hot new neighborhood marketplace, where any ADDA user can post about pre-used goods, neighborhood services, food, etc is the talk of the town at the moment.

As of now for all neighborhood connects, Buzzar and community conversations are being used very heavily. Do check them out!

Good Karma Board feature goes out of ADDA

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