Unflinching Dedication : How these COVID warriors stood tall in the face of adversity!

by adda

When the pandemic started, panic was widespread. Fake news and misinformation were rampant, and it was natural for people to worry because of the COVID related deaths that occurred. In Stargaze Co-Operative Housing Society, the entire management committee made sure to manage things as smoothly as possible. Groceries were arranged, a diesel tanker was called every alternate day for backup in case the common utilities stopped functioning and residents constantly updated the status of their health via ADDA app. However, when the first person was found positive of COVID-19, the whole society was panic stricken. No one knew how to react, or what to do next. But the quick thinking of the management committee members calmed down the anxiety of the residents. That very evening, the members arranged for a socially distanced meeting, decided on a standard of procedure for future COVID positive cases and moved ahead. For showing composure and implementing an action plan in a short period of time, the management committee was appreciated by the entire community.

Honesty and sincerity are virtues that are hard to find in today’s world. Mr. Subhash Shetty and Mrs. Lakkamma are two such rare gems, who rendered exemplary and selfless service in their community. Due to certain irregularities that were persisting in the society during the crisis, Mr. Shetty had to take certain decisions for the greater good of the society. This made him unpopular in the eyes of certain residents. Despite this, he was firm in his conviction of working for the welfare of the residents without succumbing to the odds he faced. In fact, he has been fondly given the title of ‘Karma Yogi’ (someone who serves without expecting any fruits or rewards) by some residents for his work during the crisis. Mrs Lakkamma, who recovered from COVID-19, resumed her hardworking routine immediately and performed her duties seamlessly. Whenever there is honesty and integrity in a person’s approach towards his/her community, praise and acknowledgement naturally follows.

Handling the financial aspect of a residential society, especially during a crisis is evidently hard. One needs to be super careful with funds and expenses to ensure that the society runs smoothly. In Manyata Residency, funds were not adequate at one point of time. Haritha Doddapaneni, Sudha Sukumaran and Bhanumathi R themselves contributed to fill the remaining amount and made sure the flow continued. When there were no sponsors for a particular day, they did not hesitate to contribute financially from their own pockets. There are some labourers who stay near the society premises. The nominees made efforts to contact all the residents of the community, collected voluntary contributions and made sure that they coordinated with the police team to distribute food to the labourers on a daily basis (for almost 45 days) during the lockdown. The kind of moral fiber displayed by these nominees surely won our hearts.

In 2020, testing positive for COVID-19 was everyone’s worst nightmare. Mrs. Rachita Yogesh was one of the millions in the world who was a victim of the deadly virus. Even when she was hospitalized, Mrs. Rachita continued with her duties towards the community. She was constantly in touch with the residents and the happenings in the society via WhatsApp groups and ADDA app. When cyclone Nivar struck the city of Chennai, it added to the already prevailing COVID crisis. Mrs. Rachita went out of her way to arrange for all the essentials during the cyclone as well. We appreciate Mrs. Rachita for showing resilience and dedication in the face of multiple crises.

Imagine how lucky a community must be, to have the owner of a hygiene manufacturing company on board, during a crisis like COVID. Well, Mrs. Rachna Dave happens to be the owner of MICRO GO, a company that made no-contact hand sanitizers for COVID affected areas all over India. She is the recipient of multiple awards for this initiative and happens to be the resident of Purvankara Swanlake. She donated hand sanitizer machines to the community. We’re thankful to women like Mrs. Rachna who use their skills and drive for the benefit of their community.

As an event coordinator of the society, Mrs. Lubna Khan organized a donation drive for orphans and people from low income families. People who think of the less privileged during a crisis will always have a special place in our hearts.

That brings us to the end of this Rise High Story Collection. Stay tuned, as we have more moving stories of COVID heroes coming up next. Until then, Rise High!

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