Top 7 Things to Consider Before Moving into a Gated Community in 2022

by adda
How moving in a gated community is easier with ADDA

A decade from now, the majority of homeowners lived in standalone apartments in non-gated neighborhoods. But today, with the rise of the urban living culture, people with disposable income are opting more for living in a gated community. ‘

The fundamental concerns of privacy, amenities, and community security have kickstarted the rise of gated communities even in Tier-1 & 2 cities. No wonder why these communities will host 24 million households across top-50 Indian cities by 2026, almost double the current 16 million count, as per a Redseer report

Though renting or buying a unit in a gated community will cost more than that in a non-gated one, it’s rest assured the processes are well maintained and the safety protocols are diligently followed on a daily basis.

While a gated community is an epitome of new-age amenities and seamless visitor management, here are the 7 pointers you need to consider as a tenant/owner before moving into one.

1. Location & Home Value

Before moving into a new gated community, take note of its location & landmarks. As per an ADDA survey, modern homeowners are more inclined towards sub-urban locales to ensure peaceful living. Always choose a trusted builder’s project that is located close to essential markets and commute points. This also increases the home value for reselling/rental purposes as it’s located in a zone that is being constantly developed. Ensure simultaneously that your locality is less prone to crime and pollution rate. 

2. Maintenance Values

Towards optimum maintenance and safekeeping of communities, the complete apartment maintenance charges are levied by the RWA on residents. It depends on the number of amenities, unit size, assets, and multiple factors that apprise that community

Gated communities have several benefits which include a variety of workforce and assets like a gym, clubhouse, gate security, waste disposal units, etc. for the proper upkeep of society which is fulfilled by the maintenance charges.

Let’s put it in the words of a builder “a gated community grows with resident contributions as it doesn’t have other income.”

3. 360° Security

A large community is vigilant towards providing end-to-end security to its residents and follows most regulations towards it. The role of technology has proved vital for these walled residential complexes. Every perimeter is equipped with CCTV cameras, manned guards at the main gate plus strong internal software for residents to constantly monitor overall apartment activities.

For instance, ADDA’s touchless gate management system helps you to preapprove guests, track unwanted visitors and mainly, digitize community entries seamlessly right at the main entrance.

4. Effective Rules and Regulations 

As per every society’s rules and regulations, it pledges toward harmonious living. Rules regarding the play of loud music at odd hours, vandalism, pets, smoking, etc can be quite prevalent.

You are advised to support rules built by MC members for creating and living a happy guarded life and also keep a check on the announcements and notices circulated by them to be well-aware of the social happenings.

Notably, you must check the rules and regulations for first-time residents before purchasing a unit in a gated apartment. Understanding the HOA fees, and its breakdown structure is necessary to build a basic community understanding right from deployment. 

5. Pet Management

Although most residential communities are pretty pet friendly, you must be well aware of the pet-related laws before moving in. Every RWA has its set of rules and regulations to show hygiene records. You must ensure proper immunization and vaccination of your respective pets.

Read more about pet laws for first-time community residents in detail. 

6. Amenities 

Every community comes with different amenities depending on the scale of its building. A decent society comprises basic amenities like security guards, CCTV, Gym, clubhouse, modern play areas, shopping units, etc. You must note that such proper facilities are a key factor for 87% of homeowners to choose gated households over non-gated neighborhoods, as reported by the ADDA Customer Success team.  

7. Waste Management 

In any gated society, waste management is necessary due to a large concentration of waste production from all units.  

You’re advised to segregate your waste especially if it’s the law of the state. A gated community association ensures residents do not mix wet organic waste and dry biodegradable plastic waste so that substantial fines are not levied by the State corporation

You’ll also be issued a penalty as per RWA rules in cases of spewing garbage in the common area or outside allotted garbage disposal areas. Even, dumping hazardous waste is prohibited within the premises which safeguards community safety and limits fire risks to a greater extent.

Why Should You Choose a Gated Community in 2022?

Although gated communities come with their set of cons regarding price quotient, higher maintenance remittance & unwanted footfalls, their high-value pros overweighs in terms of location advantages, amenities, organized rules, security factors & overall comfort.

Therefore, ADDA confirms that moving into a gated community over a standalone apartment has proved beneficial for making thousands of residents’ life easier over the last decade. So, if you’re looking into the future of affordable housing, a gated community must be on your checklist in 2022 and over the coming years. 

We hope we could solve your queries & confusion before moving into a new gated community. If you have any other questions, reach out to us at 022-48905764 or for 24*7 expert assistance.

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