ADDA: Your Hassle-Free, Facility / Amenity Booking Companion – A case study

by Ashwini
Facility Booking Companion


ADDA stands as the ultimate solution for hassle-free facility management in residential communities. In large residential complexes across the globe, easy access of amenities play a crucial role in fostering a happy community living.

The Manual Hassle Before ADDA:

In a case study of a 500-unit luxury villa community in the UAE, facility bookings were entirely manual.

From residents contacting the admin team to make bookings, to the Community Management team managing bookings using excel sheets and maintaining ledgers for user signatures, every step involved significant manual effort. With an average of 1,800 bookings monthly which includes facilities like gym, swimming pool, tennis court etc, the challenges of tracking and managing became evident.

The constant issue of residents finding facilities fully occupied upon walking in caused significant frustration among residents.

Facility Booking

ADDA’s Arrival and Transformation:

In March 2021, ADDA was introduced, revolutionizing facility bookings. The manual processes, including excels and ledgers, vanished. The facility booking module now operates seamlessly with zero monitoring required from admins. With just a few clicks, admins can obtain comprehensive reports of facility bookings.

Residents can check availability and book facilities directly through the app, saving up to 30-90 minutes weekly. The era of residents walking in without knowing facility availability became a thing of the past.

Reliability of ADDA in Facilities Management:

ADDA’s reliability lies in its easy-to-setup facility tracker module, streamlining the admin’s role. During setup, ADDA provides various booking options, including daily, hourly, or slot-based bookings. For residents, facility booking using the ADDA app is incredibly straightforward, eliminating the need to manually contact the admin team.

ADDA’s Response to the Pandemic:

The Covid-19 pandemic prompted changes in facility utilization, with restrictions on the number of residents accessing facilities simultaneously. ADDA responded by introducing features such as setting maximum bookings per slot. Features like these made sure that facilities could be used while maintaining safety norms like social distancing.

The ability for residents to make multiple bookings at once further enhanced the user experience, addressing the challenges posed by pandemic-related restrictions.

Continuous Improvement and Customer Satisfaction:

ADDA’s reliability is underlined by its commitment to continuous customer requirement analysis. By staying attuned to resident experience, ADDA remains a trustworthy and evolving Facility Booking Companion for residential communities.

In summary, ADDA’s implementation transforms manual and complicated facility booking processes into a streamlined, efficient, and resident-friendly experience, making it an absolutely necessary companion for community administrators and residents alike.

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