Community Champions: H2Whoa!

by Sherin
Community Champions

The ADDA Rise High Awards – The Oscars of Residential Community Initiatives recognises and celebrates sustainable initiatives taken by Communities across the world. Join us as we dive deep into the inspiring stories of communities worldwide who are leading the charge in addressing the Water Crisis with creativity, dedication, and heart. 

Kochar Panchsheel – Chennai, India

In Chennai, this 430-unit community didn’t just save water; they transformed their entire approach to conservation. By reducing their reliance on municipal water by 80%, they not only slashed their bills 85-90% but also set a shining example for sustainable living. 

  • Reduced dependency on municipal water (Metro Water) by 80%. Previously, their monthly Metro Water bill hovered around ₹2.5-3 lakhs. Thanks to their efforts, it’s now down to a much more manageable ₹35,000-40,000!
  • Increased borewell yield through maintenance and cleaning.
  • Utilized treated wastewater (150 KL/day) for flushing, gardening, and other non-potable uses.
  • Rainwater Harvesting

Their commitment to using treated wastewater for everyday needs, from flushing to gardening, is a testament to what collective effort can achieve.

Embassy Boulevard – Bangalore, India

In Bangalore, this luxurious gated community embraces water conservation without compromising on luxury. They prove that sustainability can seamlessly integrate with high-end living. 

  • This 54-acre community treats over 400,000 liters (KL) of water daily, with a remarkable 350,000 liters used for landscaping, reducing reliance on fresh water.
  • Utilizes rainwater harvesting to replenish groundwater resources, ensuring long-term water security.
  • Waterless Car Washing: Eco-friendly car washing services, saving an estimated 35,000 liters of water daily – a significant contribution!

Maimoon Gardens –  Dubai, UAE

In Dubai, luxury living meets sustainability through innovative solutions that go beyond expectations. With cutting-edge technologies like RO Systems and Hydroponic Systems, they not only deliver high-quality drinking water but also reduce freshwater reliance.

  • Central RO System: Delivers high-quality drinking water while generating greywater for irrigation and other non-potable uses.
  • Greenhouse Radiant Cooling: This technology not only cools the building but also generates condensate water, further reducing reliance on freshwater.
  • Hydroponic Systems: Utilize the condensate water for efficient plant growth.

SJR Verity – Bangalore, India

Back in Bangalore, another community champions water conservation through a multi-pronged approach.

  • Individual meters & optimized borewells encourage responsible use and maximize yield.
  • Recycled RO reject & sustainable STP with ozone filtration minimize water waste and improve treatment.
  • Advanced STP with online monitoring reduces energy consumption.
  • Rainwater harvesting captures water for both use and replenishment.
  • Real-time data analysis helps identify and eliminate water wastage.

Shriram Symphonye – Bangalore, India

In Bangalore, this community designed a rainwater harvesting system! 

This community relied heavily on borewells and water tankers (10-12 daily) for their daily water needs (75,000 liters) which cost 20% of the maintenance spend for water procurement.

They have designed a rainwater harvesting system for their community . This initiative now saves 50-75 lakh liters of water annually.

Their initiative is a beacon of hope and inspiration for others seeking to make a positive impact on their environment.

Kumar Kruti – Pune, India

In Pune, this 400-unit community demonstrates how treating wastewater can benefit both the local ecosystem and residents. 

They treat wastewater (50,000-100,000 liters daily) which is used for internal cleaning & watering gardens. They also use the treated water to irrigate 200+ trees outside the society. Rainwater harvesting is done to recharge borewells, benefiting their community and the surrounding area.

By nurturing their surroundings, they create a ripple effect of positive change that extends far beyond their community gates.

Every Drop Counts: Building a Sustainable Water Future Together

These stories are more than just about saving water; they’re about people coming together to create meaningful change. They remind us that small actions, when multiplied across communities, can have a monumental impact on our planet. 

Explore these valuable resources on different water conservation initiatives:

As we celebrate these community champions, let’s also embrace their spirit of collaboration, innovation, and shared responsibility. Together, we can rise high and make a lasting difference in shaping a more sustainable and vibrant world.

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