Testimonial – Lilium Lantana

by Ashika

Ram RamDas MC Member LLCHS , Nahar Amrit Shakthi Lilium Lantana

Ram RamDas
MC Member LLCHS ,Nahar Amrit Shakthi Lilium Lantana
“Within 50 days, 2 billing cycles done, Rs.90Lakh and overdue Amt recovered!”
On behalf of the MC of Lilium Lantana CHS, I would like to convey our warm appreciation to all of you and the entire ADDA Team. Being a SW entrepreneur myself, I can truly appreciate each of you who has gone the extra mile in ensuring that LLCHS affairs run smoothly…Your SW is truly appreciated, but even more so your support and attitude to your clients! We have bothered you on weekdays and weekends with short notice requests and you have never let us down – Not Even Once 🙂
MC truly appreciates the fact that within a matter of 45-50 days, we have completed 2 billing cycles, including auto invoicing and we have collected more than 90 lacs, including a significant portion of overdue past dues which we inherited from the builder! We have received many appreciative comments from owners and members of LLCHS, a lot of it can be attributed to our ADDA…
A VERY BIG THANK YOU ! And keep up the good work! Have a rocking 2013!

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