Testimonial – Calcutta Greens Tower

by ADDA.io

Here is what the current MC Team has to say:

With the recommendation from one of our neighbours, we started evaluating your platform and we were pleasantly surprised by the available functionality and decided go ahead. However, as they say “the devil is in the details” and for sure the devils caught up with us soon.  Without you holding our hand, it would have been impossible for us to negotiate with those devils and various twists and turns of the deployment process.

While we have been able to make use of only a fraction of the functionalities available with the ADDA platform so far, the same would not have been possible without your constant support, helpful attitude, and kind advice. You were indispensable and invaluable during the setup, data preparation and upload, correction, finding our way around various problems and eventually making ADDA working for us. I have no hesitation in admitting that without your help, we would have failed miserably.

We look forward to your continued assistance in deploying the rest of the functionalities of the platform.

– Suman K. Mazumder, Addl. Secretary, CGAOA Type-A

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