ADDA Testimonial – Daady’s Elixir

by Vishnu

Just received this Testimonial. Makes our Weekend alright!

“Now we can also enjoy our weekends” !

On behalf of Daadys Elixir Apartments Owners Welfare Association(DEAOWA) Team we are very much thankful to ADDA Team for their immediate support and implementation (Mrs.Sangeeta, Mrs.Ashika & Mr. Sachin)

We started off as a trial for 3 months, but within a week of going live we were sure to implement it forever to our society.
We are excited & very much satisfied with ADDA implementation in our society.

Before ADDA implementation in our society (which consists of 245 Flats) we used to spend weekends updating contact info of tenants/owners, identifying defaulters, verifying many receipt books etc.

After ADDA we just login and get all the details in single touch from admin reports…..very simple n effective.

It is equally good to both Management Committee(MC) and the residents.
As a MC Team you have all the options in Adda to benefit you and any new ideas are always encouraged and implemented by ADDA Team.

Following is the feedback from our side
We have seen lot of improvements due to ADDA in our community
1. Contact info of Owner, Tenant available online(accessible anywhere)
2. E-Invoice and E-Receipts (Saved Huge cost in manual receipts and timely delivery of E-receipts)
3. Every resident knows his respective dues to Society
4. Essential SMS & E-mail w.r.t Block, MC, Owners, Tenants etc (was Very effective to us)
5. Project & Meeting Tracker (Regular MC meeting minutes and tracking attendance)
6. Helpdesk & Instant poll (We were able to know the requirement in society)
7. Reminder of Post Dated Cheque (PDC’s), Meeting etc
8. Effective usage of Forum, Files & Documents by Residents

All Residents (Owners & Tenants) are very happy and have given very positive feedback on ADDA.
It is one of the best implementation done by our Team for our Association and Future MC Members.

We have not explored many more options which would be of great use to our community.
Once again Thanks to ADDA Team to make MC members life lot more easier (Now we can also enjoy our weekends)


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