ZED Collective, Bangalore

by adda
ZED Collective went live with ADDA on 1 July 2018 with ERP and GateKeeper solutions. The GateKeeper module was an instant hit on day one with residents. This is predominantly due to hands-on onsite training by Veeresh Athani and team and subsequent follow-ups on the usage of the module and checking with users. ERP module took a couple of weeks to come into effective use. We are effectively using Finance, Project &Meetings, Staff Management, Facility & Activity Management and intend to embrace 100% of features of Adda. Thanks to the support provided by Sunil, Chitra and team. The team came onsite to accelerate the application usage and worked with the Management Committee of ZED Collective to coach the usage of ERP modules.  Thank you ADDA team.
Shiv, Zed Collective

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