Women’s Day with Women Managing Committee’s

by Krishanu

From being Managing Committee members to homemakers, these women truly define the spirit of today’s woman. They seamlessly handle long society meetings in their apartment complexes which are planned over an apartment management software. ADDA spoke to 3 such women about their journey thus far and how they manage leading lives with multiple roles and duties.

How and why did they become managing committee members?

These Women apart from volunteering as managing committee members also have several other responsibilities. Mrs. Anitha Reddy from Adarsh Palm Retreat Gulmohar Tower 1 ADDA states that, “After hiring, firing many maids I wanted to see make sure there were some standards and rules that both parties should adhere to. Some platform was desperately required. And hence I joined the maid committee.” Mrs. Vibha Mantri from Vivarea ADDA wanted to contribute towards the well-being of the people in the community and hence became a part of the managing committee.

Their experience working as managing committee members thus far?

It can be quite an experience for anyone to manage dual roles. Some of these women not only are homemakers but also have an illustrious career. Mrs. Sumathi Krishnamurthy from Sobha Nagasandra Apartments ADDA finds the experience “very challenging and satisfactory.” For Mrs. Reddy, it has been a “very positive and a big learning experience.”

The Challenges

Just like every role comes with its challenges, why should being a managing committee member be any different? When asked about the same both Mrs. Vibha Mantri and Mrs. Sumathi Karishnamurthy stated that they had face no issues thus far and the journey has been smooth. Mrs. Anitha Reddy threw some more light on this and stated, “The challenge arises when we have to deal with outside groups such as security or higher up managing committees who don’t necessarily see things the same way. I wouldn’t say it’s a gender issue though all the time, people just have different opinions.”

Would they recommend that more and more women should join managing committees? In one voice and without hesitation, all three of these lovely ladies said “Of course.”

We thank Mrs. Anitha Reddy from Adarsh Palm Retreat Gulmohar Tower 1 ADDA, Mrs. Sumathi Krishnamurthy from Sobha Nagasandra Apartments ADDA and Mrs. Vibha Mantri from Vivarea ADDA for their valuable time and contribution towards compilation of this blog. On behalf of them and the Team ADDA we wish you all a Happy Women’s Day. Rise High Women!

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