ADDA Rise High Award 2016 for Apartment Community Initiatives is here!

by Krishanu

ADDA salute leaders, who become part of Apartment Associations. In spite of  their busy personal and work schedule, they take it up upon themselves to take on administrative positions in their apartment complex. Many Apartment Associations not only manage the day to operational challenges but also take extraordinary steps getting neighbors together and solving various issues in and around their apartment community.

Builder makes the High Rise.
The Community makes it Rise High..
The only award in India recognizing community initiatives

An Apartment Complex being like a mini India, also faces same issues of water, security, waste management, etc. as faced by a city or country on a larger scale. Today many smart communities are rising where neighbors are getting together to find innovative solutions to issues plaguing them.

Presenting to you the RISE HIGH AWARD 2016 which recognizes all such forward thinking Apartment Associations and Communities for their vision of building the NEIGHBORHOODS OF TOMORROW with their love for the neighborhood.

This coveted award has been recognizing and honoring the most forward thinking Apartment Complexes in India. This accolade is not only for the Apartment Association who of course spear heads any change, but also for the entire Apartment Community who adopted the change and made it a grand success, setting examples for the larger society to follow.

About the award

  • The Apartment or Villa Complex with the most inspiring, innovative story would be awarded the prestigious “Rise High” award!
  • Many inspiring stories of community level initiatives are already pouring in from across the country. We take pride in all those initiatives which Apartment Associations are conducting in their communities. We will share all such stories with our larger audience once the contest is over. We are sure that these stories will be extremely inspiring for all Apartment Communities across the country and also the larger society.

Where to submit your entry

Click here and share your story with us:

What kind of stories to send as entries:


  • Getting the neighbors together for community development (Example – Helping poor of the neighborhood, planting trees, staff welfare projects, etc.)
  • Solving Issues which your Apartment might be facing (Example – Water Crisis, Waste Segregation, E-waste management)
  • Betterment of existing apartment management processes (Example – Going paperless, etc.)

You can send in multiple entries. However, please let us know one recent initiative which you think was the most innovative or had the most positive impact on your community. This would be considered for the Rise High 2016 award.

In 2014, this prestigious award was conferred to TZed Homes. They were the first apartment community in India to completely recycle its Sewage water to 100% reuse and were self sustaining their 96 homes and 5 acres of Gardens on Rain Water alone!! The award was handed over by the then Hon. Transport Minister of Karnataka.

Rise High Awards TZed Homes

From  left to right: Mr. Alok Kuchlous and Mr. Srinivasan Sekar (from TZED Homes), Shri Ramalinga Reddy (Transport Minister of Karnataka & MLA In-Charge of Bangalore)


  • There are no restrictions on number of words.
  • The last date for submission is 21st February, 2016.
  • The entries will be evaluated by a set of independent jury, post which we will be announcing the winners.
  • The winners will be announced in Bangalore during a workshop for Management Committee members we are organizing on 5th March, 2016.

Hurry! Rush in you entries! Don’t miss the chance to bring home the prestigious RISE HIGH AWARD 2016!

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