ADDA – Your Christmas/New Year Celebration Genie

by Krishanu

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a Genie helping you out with your Christmas or New Year Celebration at home? Snap your fingers and Ahoy, there are your decorations put up on the walls! There you have your Christmas tree ready!

Well, we can’t get you a Genie (his whereabouts are unknown these days). But, here’s the next best thing! The ADDA App!

How so, do I hear you ask?

Read on, and I can promise you, that at the end of the blog, you’ll be hurrying to download the ADDA App if you do not have it downloaded already.

ADDA App - Christmas/New Year Genie


Yes, that’s our omniscient Discussion Forum. Want to know from which shop you should buy your decorations? Or which bakery bakes the yummiest plum cake, just ask your neighbours. Our discussion forum brings together the collective knowledge of the community to your disposal.

If you want to borrow some quick items towards your celebrations, say a ladder for putting up the decorations on the high walls, the best place to ask for help is again the discussion forum.

Buzzar Classifieds

It’s your very own community marketplace. Pay a visit to Buzzar and you just might find someone from your community selling just the right last-minute commodities you are looking for, to complete your party planning. From home baked cakes, to Christmas decor, you can find it all there!

Have your own service/product which you can offer to your neighbours? Go ahead make a listing in Buzzar right away!

Have extra goods which you want to just giveaway? Buzzar is what you are looking for. Who’s best to giveaway your pre-loved goods to, than your neighbours!


Been ignoring that leaking tap in the kitchen or that ever blinking light in your balcony? Quick, raise a ticket through HelpDesk in the ADDA App, and your society help (plumber/electrician) would come and get them fixed. After all you do want to start the new year with a sparkling, like new, home!

Buzzar – Services

If you are looking for more expert services like deep cleaning, pest control or even specialized services like Air-purifiers or Bird Netting, we have you covered there too. With our exclusive partnerships with organizations like Housejoy, Timesaverz, Hicare, we bring to your disposal the best home service providers in India. Go on, indulge your home a little.

Expected visitors

Have a long list of visitors you are expecting during the holiday season? Dreading those, many calls from your security guard, asking to verify your Guests?

That’s all History now!

Add your guests as Expected Visitors using your ADDA App, and your Security Guards will let your Guests through. Welcome your Guests this season, to your Home with this nifty technology and spare them from standing at the long queue at gate trying to make entries.


Want to gift something special to your Domestic Help (Maid, Cook, Driver, etc.) this season? Do not forget to add it as a Gift-Pass in your ADDA App, so that your staff can walk out of the Security Gate, without being asked unnecessary questions by the Security.

Panic Alert

Well, what if things do not go right as planned, do not PANIC. Raise a Panic Alert.

With guests in your house, or with your house all decked up for the celebrations, you do not want to take any chance.

On raising a Panic Alert, your Security Guards are immediately notified, and they can rush to your help. At the same time a few of your neighbours also get notified. This ensures you get immediate help during any emergency.

Facility Booking

If you are planning a large party, and looking for a place to host it, then why not book a facility from your community.

Maybe the community hall? Or the Swimming Pool Area? (Depending on the facilities which are allowed to be booked for private parties in your society).

All you have to do is open Facility Booking in the App, check for availability and confirm your booking by making a payment right from the App.


This is mainly for the Management Committee members.

In case you want to announce any specific Do’s & Don’ts, or want to announce the specifics or your community event, then post a Notice in ADDA.

It’s far better than getting notices printed and sticking them on lifts or boards, hoping your residents read them. With a notice you send your message right into the phone of all residents.

Yes, yes, a Genie is much cooler. It can fly you to an oasis, get you dressed like a prince and do all sorts of magic. Agreed! But what ADDA App can do for you is also pretty impressive. Right?

Well, wait no more! Hurry, download the App if you have not done it already and get started with your Christmas & New Year preparations!

Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas and Very Happy New Year from all of us in ADDA!

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