The ADDA Explainer Video Has Been Unveiled!


We are a product that is used by over 18,500+ apartment complexes with 700,000 active users. Hence, it may be safe to say that the ADDA app needs no detailed introduction. That said, we are a product that is evolving at a rapid pace. Our team works round the clock to improve, enhance and make the app better in every possible way.

And today, we’re proud to say that our product is well on it’s way to becoming the groundbreaking tool that our founders dreamed it would be. The impact created by ADDA that we visualised is difficult to explain in writing. ADDA comes to be of help in a hundred different scenarios. Be it to connect with your immediate neighbors for some assistance, or arranging hobby classes for kids within the apartment, hence saving the trouble of having to drive them somewhere, raising maintenance ticketspaying your dues, checking the popular choice about best facilities in the neighborhood and much more, ADDA is everything that can make an apartment resident’s life easy and hassle-free.

Picture this, a family of 5, elderly parents, working couple and their tiny bundle of joy resides in a typical gated community. What would their life be like if they have ADDA? How can ADDA help the busy parents manage the household chores? How can the elderly parents be proactively occupied? Where does ADDA come into the picture in all of this?

The ADDA Explainer Video Has Been Unveiled!Answering this and much more is our first ever explainer video! A combined effort of many talented professionals. Not too much needs to be said about it, as the visuals will paint a better picture than merehe ADDA Explainer Video Has Been Unveiled! – ADDA BLOG he ADDA Explainer Video Has Been Unveiled! – ADDA BLOG The ADDA Explainer Video Has Been Unveiled! words. To our dear customers and readers of this blog, we sincerely request that you take a moment to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

In hopes that you will enjoy, relate and share this video, here’s presenting ADDA’s first explainer video! ADDA – The One App Every Apartment Resident Needs

Team ADDA takes this moment to thank every one of our customers and supporters without whom our dream to build this tool would have been impossible. Here’s wishing the very best to all of us!

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