Bangalore Apartments’ Federation: Political Debate

The Bangalore Apartments’ Federation (BAF), which represents hundreds of apartment complexes, held a panel discussion on Sunday 22nd April 2018 at Chowdiah Memorial Hall in Malleshwaram.

Participants were candidates from four major political parties: Mr K J George, Bangalore development minister, Dr Ashwath Narayan, BJP MLA from Malleswaram, Tanveer Ahmed, National Spokesperson, JD(S) and Prithvi Reddy, National Spokesperson, AAP.

About the Debate:

The discussion was centred around apartment related issues like setting up of Sewage Treatment Plants, discriminatory tariffs, lack of civic services and services not being provided for cesses charged.

The panellists reasoned that the lack of participation of apartment residents in the voting process in the past is what led to this discrimination. They also added that all the problems raised are relevant, it will be included in their respective manifestos and will be taken into account seriously.

Grievances Discussed:

  1. Currently, apartments pay 250-300% more tariff for water compared to individual house owners as they are considered bulk consumers
  2. Solid waste is not collected from apartments by BBMP but they still pay their SWM cess.
  3. Similarly, sanitation cess is paid by apartments that already have sewage treatment plants and don’t let sewage to UGD.
  4. Extra GST is charged for STPs and maintenance of the same.
  5. There are a few apartments built violating several rules like fire and safety, which are committed by the builders and agencies who approve them, but ultimately the apartment associations are blamed and held accountable.

Several issues like these were discussed and a manifesto wish list was prepared by the Bangalore Apartments’ Federation(BAF).

Word From ADDA:

ADDA was one of the proud sponsors of the event.

A frontrunner in the space of Apartment Management, ADDA has always been dedicated to providing the best solution for issues faced by Apartment Management Committees and Residents: Through our product, and also through various other means like workshops, where we have facilitated discussions around issues plaguing Apartment Complexes by bringing together Management Committees, Builders, Civic Authorities.

We wish The Bangalore Apartment Federation, and all other Apartment Communities the very best towards getting speedy solutions to all grievances.

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