Proud to host Vedaanta – A Nurturing Home For Seniors

by adda

Helping seniors who are staying independently in Homes, either by choice or due to their circumstances is Vedaanta – a pioneer in building retirement communities. Today Vedaanta become the largest and most successful retirement community experts in the country.

Why Is Vedaanta The Perfect Place For Senior Living

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Vedaanta specialises in building communities where elderly can co-exist and enjoy a fruitful time without compromising on care or their independence. Individual homes can be picked based on the amount of care deserved by the specific individual. Trained staff are be available around to clock to ensure that every resident gets the best care.

Each Home Is Specifically Designed To Support Elders

If you consider an individual home inside Vedaanta, you’ll find that it comes with the following features to ensure that the elderly can manage a major chunk of their daily tasks.

Some of the features include –

  • Doors that open outside to permit wheelchair movement
  • Anti-slip/skid flooring and mats
  • Grab rails in bathrooms and tricky spots
  • Rounded corners to minimise accidents
  • Glow tapes in frequently occupied parts of the house 

& much more!

ADDA’s Collaboration With Vedaanta

When the team at Vedaanta sought out to us, we were only delighted to do our bit in making their already wonderful community a little more well managed.

Inside Vedaanta, most residents are homeowners who are retired or with special care needs.

So the management at Vedaanta have to ensure that the residents have access to an extremely user friendly App for managing everything related to their home & community including means of viewing, paying and managing their dues.

ADDA was therefore the unanimous choice for the Management.

Through the ADDA app, even non-tech savvy seniors have found it easy to pay and manage their apartment and it’s dues in under a few clicks. This means a lot to them as it makes their life easier considerably.

For various uses like connecting with the community and other residents with similar interests, raise complaints/ask for help, ADDA has been instrumental in making sure that everything runs without hiccups.

Not just for the residents, the management team too are highly benefited from using our services.

Team ADDA Pledges To Be A Part Of Every Good Deed

From bringing the residents together to even allowing family members who are away to stay updated through pictures posted on the App, ADDA feels blessed to have been able to make life better for the residents who are settling into their sunset years.

Team ADDA shares Vedaanta beliefs and we truly do feel that serving the elderly is nothing short of doing service to God. With Vedaanta, we hope to be a part of this beautiful mission and make life better for the residents.


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