Knowledge Sharing Session – Neighborhoods of Tomorrow 2018

Do you live in a Gated community?

If yes, keep reading.

If no, still keep reading because you will be living in one, real soon!!

World’s population is increasing day by day, people are getting more technology dependent which is going to make community living a necessity. With this growing necessity of community living, we face several issues of water, waste, security, energy, staff, etc. Today, people are rising and working together for a better and sustainable community living.

We, at ADDA, believes that gated communities are capable of creating a massive impact on the future of our country!!

Neighborhoods of Tomorrow 2018


Neighborhoods of Tomorrow

Presenting to you the Neighborhoods of Tomorrow 2018, along with the Rise High Awards, a genuine effort from ADDA to recognize and share exemplary initiatives and vision by communities which have changed many neighborhoods for better. Installed in 2014 and running on every Even year, this coveted award has been recognizing and honouring the most forward-thinking communities in India.

Neighborhoods of Tomorrow will be a knowledge sharing session by experts under categories like Solar Rooftop for Apartment Communities,  In-House Composting Options for Gated Communities, Domestic Staff Welfare – for inclusive Urban Ecosystems. Be a part of this futuristic workshop, discuss with fellow Management Committees, subject matter experts, city administration and find solutions to your neighborhood problems.

Rise High Awards

The Rise High Awards is the Oscars of community living. It is India’s only award which recognizes initiative any management committee. Such initiatives are result of deliberate planning, patient collaboration and diligent execution. These Rise High Initiatives not only improve the community where the Initiative is taken, but also set an inspiring example for many Communities. This as a result improves the standards of our country as a whole. And that is our ultimate goal!!

The event will be held in Bangalore on 8th of September at Hotel Royal Orchid. The agenda is already out! The registrations have been started.

You can register yourself at

Be there at the event for amazing success stories.


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