5 Pointers on how ADDA can help You celebrate this Diwali better

by ADDA.io

How Visitor Management App, ADDA helps you celebrate Diwali better?

Dear Managing Committee,

Diwali and the following Festive Season is here!

The Festive Season brings special Joys in a Gated Community with Neighbours to pool in their Fireworks, Sweets, and Happiness!

In this post, we wish to share these 5 pointers towards making the Festive Season enjoyable for all involved. with visitor management app ADDA.

  1. Increased Activity at your Gates. With the increased Gifting around the Festive Season, the number of Door Deliveries has increased by now. On the Festivities Days, the number of Guests will also increase.

This means you may have greater than usual activity at the Gates. Review the following points to see how to ensure the increased gate traffic is handled effectively.

2. Reminder on “Expected Visitor” feature. Send a round of Reminder to all Residents about the ”Expected Visitor” functionality on the Visitor Management App, ADDA.  They can easily add their Guests as Expected Visitor which makes their Guests feel more welcome, as well as eases the work of the Guard while retaining its effectiveness.

3. Reminder on “Gift Pass” feature. Send a round of Reminder to all Residents about the “Gift Pass” functionality on the ADDA App.  When they give gifts to their Maid or Cook they can also create a Gift Pass against their name on the Visitor Management App. This will ensure hassle-free checkout of the Maid/Cook with the Gift.

4. Puja/Rituals at your Premises? If your Association is doing any Puja/Rituals during this Festive season, you can book your Pujari or Puja Kit right on the ADDA App! That’s right! Buzzar on ADDA has this new category of service available now!

5. Fireworks Safety! Needless to place a quick reminder of the necessary Fireworks Safety arrangements.

Bonus Point. Do not forget about the Staff working in your Apartment/Villa Community during Diwali/Festivals. They may be away from their Home and Family, and may also be over-worked due to the Festival rush. Do everything that a great Employer will do to make them be part of the celebrations and the Festive Spirit!

Happy Diwali!

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