Living Green; Living Clean


December 2 has been earmarked as National Pollution Control Day in India. With our air, water and land quality degrading every single day with every passing moment, it is high time we take stock of the situation and do our part to bring pollution levels down. 

We cannot deny that industrialisation is still the biggest contributor to the global as well as national pollution levels. However, we also have to understand that the corporate only feeds our demands. What if we individually take responsibility to Change the game; to Change the way we demand; to Change the way our consumerist needs are attended to?

Here are some things you can inculcate as daily habits to help as individuals in making a difference :

Can’t Be Reused? Not Worth It

Inculcate a habit of choosing to use products that can be reused. Diss the cold drinks pet bottles for the reusable glass bottles. If you still have a fascination for pet bottles, make it a point to upcycle them. Make planters or toys for your pets and children. And there is never enough home decor items in the house. Reusing is one of the fastest, easiest and cost effective way to lower pollution levels.

Go Back To Basics

Nothing reduces clutter in home better than returning to the basics. Remember the striped jholas we grew up watching our grandfathers using for shopping? Walk to the local grocery stores and the farmers’ markets for your food needs and fill it all up in your jhola. Say bye to plastics – plastic bag, plastic wrapped food. We have enjoyed enough plastic. If you are feeling adventurous, grow your own food. 

Be Needy; Not Greedy

Yes, none of us are ascetics who want to renounce all luxuries of life. That is not a practical solution. However, it helps to ask “Do I need this? Why do I need it?” before buying anything. We often end up buying things that we do not use at all. They collect dust in a forgotten corner of our house. Following the simple mantra of buying only because you need it, helps the pocket and the environment. It’s win-win for both.

Waste Less

Live a life of minimal waste. It’s easy. Avoid takeaways often. Walk up to the nearest eatery. Reduce packaged food consumption. Living a minimal waste life is a matter of habit. And like every good habit, this too takes a little time to build but the benefits are instant and sustainable.

Question And Question Some More

Inculcate the habit of asking questions. Question where your food is coming from, question where your clothes are coming from or anything that you need. A change does not come through spectacular revolutions. An established pattern changes only when we choose to make a culture shift. A culture shift happens when we incorporate the change in our daily lives slowly. If your food, clothing or any other needs violates environmental policies, boycott them. There is no lack of alternative brands offering the same quality of service you seek. If we change the nature of our demands, the corporate is bound to listen to us.

This National Pollution Control Day, let us take the pledge to change little things in our daily lives, change our habits to walk towards a cleaner, greener earth.

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