4 Tools for Apartment Community To Handle Coronavirus Lockdown

While we pray that Coronavirus gets contained asap, the reality is that many homes will be impacted by it. Below are ways that Apartment or Villa Communities can handle coronavirus lockdown to the fullest, to manage the situation and bring as much safety and comfort to their residents as possible.

4 Tools for Apartment Community To Handle Coronavirus Lockdown


Your community may take certain action – e.g., close down of common facilities such as swimming pool, hobby classes and other activities.

You can post official Notice to announce these, which becomes available on the ADDA app present with each Owner and Tenant.

If you have urgent notifications, they can be sent via SMS as well. During times of such exigencies, ADDA provides complimentary Top-Up of SMS pool. 

Leave Parcel at Gate during Coronavirus Lockdown

60%+ of outsiders entering a residential Community are Delivery Agents.

If your community wishes to reduce the number of outsiders entering, Residents receiving deliveries can choose the “Leave at Gate” option on their ADDA app.

They can then collect the Delivery from the Gate.

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Purchase of Sanitisers/Soaps/Masks

In case the Community receives aid of necessary supplies or purchases in bulk, Residents, especially self quarantined residents could purchase them right from their home without interacting with the Association staff.

These purchases can happen right from ADDA app, using the Online payment gateway, and money goes directly to the Association Account.

Association can then deliver the items to the doorstep.

Medical Check up Camps

In case your community decides to hold a diagnosis camp on-premise, crowd avoidance can be done by booking slots.

Each home can book their slot from the ADDA app, and be present at the diagnosis camp at their given slot. 

Residents availing the facility could also make payment against the booked slot from the ADDA app itself.

Last time that ADDA was leveraged for Disaster response was during the Chennai Floods. https://adda.io/blog/2018/08/can-apartment-buildings-help-floods/

Click here to read about the “Precautions of Coronavirus that can be carried out in apartment/villa communities”.

Contact details of your city’s hospital where COVID-19 testing is done, and where isolation beds are available. https://www.icmr.nic.in/node/39071

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