In-House Delivery Hub – ADDA GateKeeper

by Vishnu

On an average, 67% of all Outsiders entering a Gated Community are Delivery Agents.

In the post-corona world, almost every Gated Community has stopped the entry of Delivery Agents, with the Deliveries being collected by Residents at the Gate or Lobby Desk.

As a way to normalise this process without compromising safety, many Communities are setting up IN-HOUSE DELIVERY HUBS.

If you are looking to set up such a Delivery Hub for your Apartment Community, all you need is ADDA GateKeeper.

What is In-House Delivery Hub?

This is a place where all Deliveries are collected in the Community. This can be the Security Cabin, or a Kiosk right next to Gate. It could also be a Corner in the Basement, or a Block lobby.

Residents can come to this Hub and collect their Deliveries. Alternately In-house staff can deliver the packages to the Doors.

In-House Delivery Hub
In-House Delivery Hub in Residential Communities

Advantage of In-House Delivery Hub

Entry of Outside Delivery Agents gets limited till the Delivery Hub.

  1. This keeps the inside premises safe, cost of sanitisation and surveillance is reduced.
  2. The chance of crowding in the Elevator btn Residents / Children with Outside Delivery Agents is eliminated.
  3. If In-house staff are delivering to door, Committee can ensure those known staff are following all precautions – of wearing Masks, Gloves and maintaining social distancing.
  4. Processes with Quarantined flats can also be followed well by the In-house delivery staff.

Who can be the In-House Delivery Staff

Many Communities are re-purposing 1-2 Security Guards as In-House Delivery Staff. With reduced workload on existing security guards – due to reduced visitor volumes – this becomes a win-win.

Some Communities, specially the large ones, are availing the Services of Firms that operate In-House Mail Rooms. If interested in such service please write to us.

What Infrastructure is needed

  1. The GateKeeper App. Post Corona, Security Guards are already using the “Collect Delivery At Gate” feature. The same feature is needed as the Workflow for the Delivery Hub.
  2. An identified space to Collect the Deliveries. The space needed depends on size of the Community. Few Racks under a Shade can serve the purpose.

As always, Team ADDA is available to help you with this Feature and get your In-House Delivery Hub established! Do Contact Us with “In-House Delivery Hub” in the comment!

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